Raps: ‘keep the future going in a positive, solid direction’


Most of us, in our lives, have faced some pretty momentous decisions. For example: “Do I buy this new car now or try to get a few more years out of the current one?” “Should I try to purchase a house now or should I see if the mortgage rates can get even better?” Should I spend money on classes to qualify for a better job?”

I’m sure you can think of many more instances that apply even more directly to you than these may.

So, if you had a chance for a new and better car (better due to higher standards and technological advances) or a newer and better house (same) you would certainly get pretty excited, right? Higher building standards and technological advances also apply to the proposed new buildings: high school, middle school and elementary.

Plus, if that chance involved having a benefactor (the State) pay for 65 percent of the cost for you and the payments would be no more than they had been a year or so ago, you’d probably find it pretty hard to pass up! Just as we need cars and homes in our future, we also have need for schools.

Sometimes we face decisions like this not as individuals but as a much larger group. Those of us who live in the Preble Shawnee School District have this kind of moment to seize upon this Nov. 8, and since we need to keep giving our children the best education we can provide them, why not take advantage of this great opportunity that I proposed in the above paragraph for our district’s children? I’ll guarantee you that your kids and grand kids are deserving of this opportunity as much as any other children are now getting in surrounding areas!

So, I ask of you to please keep that future going in a positive and solid direction. The whole Preble Shawnee community (I’m referring to everyone in it’s geographical borders) needs your help on this. I sincerely hope that you will find it in your heart to vote “yes” for those who are the best hope of us and our school issue. Thank you so much.

Steve Raps