Bazaar committee offers thanks


St. Anne’s Sodality of Visitation Catholic Church would like to thank everyone who attended our Holiday Craft Show, featuring Grandma’s Cupboard on Nov. 4-5.

Our raffles, baked goods, and candies were well received by everyone. We were thrilled by the great reception our culinary efforts received at the luncheon held in conjunction with the craft show and bazaar.

Thanks to everyone, we will be able to continue our monthly community dinner and take care of Christmas families and shut ins, donations to the food bank and homeless shelter, as well as other things we do in the community throughout the year.

We’re always so tired after it’s over and know that once we’re rested up we’ll begin planning for the next year’s event. And we are already talking about it! And a special thanks to our parishioners who donated and worked so hard to make this a success.

Again, thank you all.

Bazaar Committee, Visitation Catholic Church