‘Thanks’ to library issue voters


On behalf of Preble County District Library and all those who worked as part of the campaign committee in support of Issue 27, I’d like to thank each and every person who supported the library at the voting booth this election. With nearly 70 percent of voters approving the library’s one-mill levy renewal, it’s evident how important the libraries are to each community.

This measure will keep the library system funded for five more years. In light of increasing agricultural taxes and other public service agencies and governments seeking funds through property taxes, I understand that each dollar is very important to every individual, and because of that, this levy renewal means even more.

With locations in Camden, Eaton, Eldorado, New Paris, West Alexandria, West Elkton, and West Manchester, Preble County District Library will continue to work to provide necessary services to each community and respond to each community’s needs.

I’d also like to personally thank everyone who helped with the campaign, as this was the first time I’d ever worked on anything of the sort. With the help of so many who organized parades and mailing campaigns and fundraising efforts, the library campaign was able to get the word out on the levy renewal and let the Preble County voters decide. I can assure everyone my presence in the process was ancillary at best, as only through the group effort and the good faith of the electorate will the library funding continue.

I’d also like to offer kudos to the electorate in Gratis and Lewisburg for supporting their libraries, which are equally as crucial to their communities as the branches of Preble County District Library.

Thanks to any and all who support libraries, and thanks to everyone who voted this year (even if you voted against the levies; trust me, I understand the difficulty and internal debate that goes with voting either yes or no on a tax issue).

Mike Zimmerman