Marshall supports Cox for House District 43

To the Editor:

We Deserve A Leader in Columbus

House District 43 (Preble and part of Montgomery) needs a leader in Columbus who will put people first and work for us, and Amy Cox is that leader.

Amy can work with students, schools, teachers, and unions to fix the broken unconstitutional Ohio education system that the Ohio General Assembly has not solved in years.

Amy also will work to increase the working wage for Preble and Montgomery County families. And, she will continue to fight to guarantee health care for insured and underinsured families.

This election is about putting people in the 43rd District in a stronger better place and getting us the serious help our families need in this troubled time.

We live in a county where human feces is contaminating a public water source and Commissioner Rodney Creech has handled the situation irresponsibly. EPA, conflict of interest was time wasted that showed his failure to respond in an adequate way for people in that local area.

Recently Mr. Creech stated in a Spectrum News interview that his “government exposure and relationships in (his) community” make him “ready to tackle important issues like the opioid epidemic.” I wonder why he is waiting, why hasn’t he tackled the local opioid problem in the last ten years in his political career. He has failed over 100 people who have died from drug overdoses in Preble County.

The 43rd District suffers from unemployment, poverty, homelessness and unaffordable housing, a lack of opportunity , and a corona virus epidemic. These are some of the issues a state representative will be involved in for this district. We need a leader in Columbus not a failed career politician. We deserve better representation and I know Amy Cox can handle that job. This is why I support AMY.

Betsy Marshall