Eagles down Shawnee; improves to 3-0

EATON — Using a team-first approach, Eaton’s volleyball team is off to a 3-0 start after the first week of the season.

Eaton opened the season with wins over Dixie, Preble Shawnee and Edgewood, losing just one set along the way.

The Eagles began the season with a 24-26, 25-15, 25-14, 25-14 win at Dixie.

“I’m not unhappy with the way we played,” Eaton coach Parker Fields said. “I just felt like in the first set we lacked the energy and the communication that we were really looking for. In the second set our service game really picked up. Our service game pulled us through that match.”

Fields said he is wanting his team to focus improvement on three things — energy, effort and communication.

Five players had at least five kills for the Eagles.

Senior Ariel Richardson led the team with 13 kills and two blocks. Junior Becca Mowen had 12 kills and three assists. Junior Ava Miller added six kills and four blocks. Sophomore Shaylen Perry had five kills and three blocks and junior Maley Tinstman had five kills to go along with 15 assists and five aces. Junior Courtney Giffen has 18 assists and assisted on two blocks. Junior Annika Gels had 17 digs. junior Alysa Sorrell chipped in with six digs.

“I feel like it was pretty even across the board,” Fields said of getting contributions from his entire roster.

Eaton hosted Preble Shawnee on Thursday and won in straight sets 25-10, 25-16, 25-15.

“I felt like we played really clean. We didn’t do anything fancy, we just took advantage of what their hitters were giving us. Maley did a really nice job of going on long service runs at the beginning of each set, which really set the tone and gave us momentum,” Fields said. “I was happy with the 93 percent service and the .290 hitting percentage that match. We only received serve at 80 percent, which has got to improve as we get into our conference schedule.”

For the second straight match, Eaton had five players with five or more kills. Mowen led the Eagles with 11 kills and five aces. Richardson added nine kills. Tinstman had 19 assists and seven digs. Perry contributed six kills. Giffen added six kills and 18 assists. Miller had six kills and three blocks. Gels had a team-high 15 digs and Sorrell chipped in with 11 digs.

Against Edgewood, on Saturday, Eaton had to rally in each set for a 25-19, 25-21, 25-22 win.

“I felt like this match was a bit of a marathon, even though we won in a sweep,” Fields said. “Our communication and defensive effort was lacking at various point in the match. We did serve at 95 percent and I liked our effort on serve receive at 90 percent. Our setters did a really nice job of finding out pin hitters, who hit a combined average of .250, which is effective for an outside corp.”

Tinstman had five aces, 18 assists and 13 digs. Giffen added four aces, 18 assists and seven digs.

Mowen had nine kills, while Shaylen Perry added six and Miller contributed five. Richardson had a team-high 12 kills and two blocks and Gels had 12 digs.

The Eagles were scheduled to begin league play on Tuesday, Aug. 29, with a trip to Franklin. On Thursday, Eaton faces a key SWBL contest when they travel to Bellbrook.

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Eaton senior Ariel Richardson goes for the kill against Preble Shawnee during a match on Thursday, Aug. 24. The Eagles won in straight sets 25-10, 25-16, 25-15.
http://www.registerherald.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/41/2017/08/web1_ehsvb28.jpgEaton senior Ariel Richardson goes for the kill against Preble Shawnee during a match on Thursday, Aug. 24. The Eagles won in straight sets 25-10, 25-16, 25-15. Kathy Kerler-Mowen | For The Register-Herald

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By Eddie Mowen Jr.


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