County athletes earn conference recognition in CCC

By Eddie Mowen Jr. -

PREBLE COUNTY — Four players from Preble County basketball teams earned first-team Cross County Conference honors and another 11 garnered either second team or special mention accolades.

On the boys side, National Trail’s Cameron Harrison, Tri-County North’s Dillon McCullough and Twin Valley South’s Willie Bowman were selected to the first team, while Aubrey Stupp of Tri-County North was the only girls player from the county to earn the same honor.

Second team selections for county players included Dalton Mason (National Trail), Brian Stinson (Tri-County North) and Travis Lovely (Twin Valley South).

Earning special mention honors from the county were Travis Hunt (National Trail), Preston Jackson (Tri-County North) and Ryan Bassler (Twin Valley South).

Other first team selections were Hunter Muir (Ansonia), Carter Gray (Arcanum), Ryan Rose (Bethel), Caleb South (Bethel), Ethan Conley (Franklin-Monroe), Ethan Bowman (Mississinawa Valley) and Jared Buckley (Tri-Village).

Rounding out the second team picks were Devyn Sink (Ansonia), Kendal James (Bethel), Alex VanHarran (Bethel), Braden Miller (Covington), Zach Cable (Franklin-Monroe), Kyle Ressler (Franklin-Monroe), Austin Rutledge (Miami East) and Treg Jackson (Newton).

The special mention team included Trevor Alexander (Ansonia), Evan Atchley (Arcanum), Jacob Evans (Bethel), Andy Branson (Bradford), Bradley Wiggins (Covington), Parker Hesler (Franklin-Monroe), Parker Heim (Miami East), DJ Howell (Mississinawa Valley), Ryan Millette (Newton) and Trey Frech (Tri-Village).

Ryan Rose of Bethel was the player of the year and Brett Kopp of Bethel was the coach of the year.

For the girls, Makena Laird (National Trail) and Mylan Crews (Twin Valley South) were second team picks from the county.

Special mention honors for county players went to Savanna Abner (National Trail), Megan Polling (Tri-County North) and Kelsie Shafer (Twin Valley South).

Other first team honors went to Kayla O’Daniel (Arcanum), Samantha Whiteman (Covington), Audrey Cable (Franklin-Monroe), Corina Conley (Franklin-Monroe), Morgan Haney (Miami East), Haley Howard (Miami East), Tatum McBride (Newton), Maddie Downing (Tri-Village) and Lissa Siler (Tri-Village).

Trinity Henderson (Ansonia), Kenna Gray (Bethel), Skipp Miller (Bradford), Jordan Crowell (Covington), Camryn Miller (Miami East), Anna Wolfe (Newton), Trisa Porter (Tri-Village) and Emma Printz (Tri-Village) were second team All-CCC.

Special mention went to Katie Werts (Ansonia), Gracie Garno (Arcanum), Klaudia Lowery (Bethel), Victoria Lyle (Covington), Kennedy Morris (Franklin-Monroe), Bailey Miller (Miami East), Sidnie Hunt (Mississinawa Valley), Mallory Dunlevy (Newton) and Andi Bietry (Tri-Village).

Morgan Haney of Miami East was tabbed as the player of the year and Bruce Vanover from Miami East was the coach of the year.

By Eddie Mowen Jr.

Reach Eddie Mowen Jr. at 937-683-4056 or on Twitter @emowen_RH

Reach Eddie Mowen Jr. at 937-683-4056 or on Twitter @emowen_RH