Preble County public records

March Title Dept. Report

Christopher B. Washington

Preble County Clerk of Courts

ATV — 14

Ambulance — 0

Bus — 0

Golf Cart — 0

Manufactured Home — 8

Motor Home — 29

Motorcycle — 73

New Car — 121

New Pick Up — 32

New Truck — 5

Off-Road Motorcycle — 0

Outboard Motor — 19

Trailer — 15

Travel Trailer — 194

Used Car — 987

Used Pickup — 279

Used Truck — 34

Van — 18

Watercraft — 40

Total — 1,868

Eaton Municipal Court March report

Bertha Kalil, Clerk

The following cases were filed in the Eaton Municipal Court during the month of March, 2017:

Criminal, 107; DUIs, 13; Other traffic, 395; Civil, 66; Small Claims, 5; Felonies, 20; New Garnishments, 31. Total: 637

Traffic/criminal distribution

Distribution to the City of Eaton: $63,526.23

Distribution to the Preble County Auditor: $16,156.28

Distribution to the State of Ohio: $24,960.88

Distribution to all other agencies: $1,196

Total: $105, 839.39

Civil distribution

Distribution to the City of Eaton: $13,714.47

Distribution to the State of Ohio: $1,727.55

Contested cases traffic/criminal division



Preble County Common Pleas Court

Christopher B. Washington

Preble County Clerk of Courts

Timothy D. Edwards, plaintiff v. Cheryl D. Edwards, defendant, divorce granted.

Staci Brown, plaintiff v. Phillip Isaacs, defendant, divorce granted.

Hannah Moreton, plaintiff v. Jeremiah S. Kannianen, defendant, divorce granted.

Brian J. Sturgill and Gretchen M. Sturgill, petitioners, dissolution.

Real estate transfers

Jeanne Creech

Preble County Recorder

Charles Webb to Tony Webb and Cathy Webb, lots 308, 310, 311, and 312, West Alexandria.

Tommy F. Lawson to William M. Danner, 1.33 acres, Gratis.

Betsy Sue Metcalf, Vickie Woodyard, and Melissa Farler to Dusty Farler and Melissa Farler, lot 26, Lewisburg.

Dusty Farler to Melissa Farler, lot 26, Lewisburg.

Eric E. Marit to Coleman H Proffitt and Sandra S Proffitt, lots 503 and 504, Lakengren.

Tomas J. Steck and Susan H. Steck to David T. Steck and Hayley J. Steck, lot 1, Brooks.

Wayne A. Pinkstaff and Dora M. Pinkstaff to Johannes K. Wulff and Susan M. Wulff, lots 1501, 1503, and 1504, Lakrengren.

Hervey W. Berry and Helen M. Berry to Andrew Johnson, lot 508, West Alexandria.

Pennymac Loan Services LLC to Dennis C. Adkirson Jr., lots 146 and 145, Eaton.

Carpe Diem Capital LLC to Janne P. Rautanen and Marilia Pimenta, lot 1324, Eaton.

Home Dreams Capital LLC to Keys and Deeds LLC, lot 375, Camden.

Michael R. Blankenship to Kelly D. Richter and Michael R. Blankenship, 23.904 acres, Twin Township.

Larry Ristaneo to Pamela K. Ristaneo, 46.21 acres, Lanier Township.

Benjamin R. Thompson to Charles E. Livezey, lot 46, Eaton.

Aaron J. Brooks and Jennifer L. Brooks to Benjamin R. Thompson and Stacey R. Thompson, lot 1103, Lakengren.

Logan A. Cottingim to Logan A. Cottingim and Laura K. Cottingim, 1.5 acres, Gratis.

Linda Favorite to Federal National Mortgage Association, 0.6856, Monroe Township.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation and Felty & Lembright Co LPA to Matthew R. Keller and Sharon M. Keller, lot 3, Dietrich.

Stuart A. Foster, Mary Jane Holman, and Sallie Jo Buckalew to Christopher M. Meckstroth and Amanda M. Meckstroth, lot 1967, Eaton.

Eugene Thomas Aukerman and Carol Ann Aukerman to Luke Aukerman, lots 575, 576, and 577, Eaton.

Ozro D. Studebaker to Preble Creek Holdings LLC, lot 73, Knollwood.

William S. Whitson to Preble Creek Holdings LLC, lot 2525, Eaton.

Chalres W. Pierson to Preble Creek Holdings LLC, lots 19 and 20, Knollwood.

Michael Brock and Jesse H. Hanson to Somerville National Bank, lot 139, Eaton.

Mark D. Mendenhall to Mark D. Mendenhall and Martha E. Mendenhall, 5.002 acres, Harrison Township.

Lance R. Pledger and Jane E. Pledger and Cheryl L. Best, lot 294, Deer Run.

James G. Day and Jayme M. Day to Augustus L. Ross III, 10.82 acres and 20.64 acres, Washington Township.

Augustus L. Ross III to Jeannie J. Vance, 1.496 acres, Washington Township.

Craig V. Doty to 3D Properties LLC and Craig V. Doty II, lot 403, Camden.

Janet L. Franklin to JP Morgan Chase Bank, lot 2269, Lakengren.

Betty T. Tracy to Christopher Francis Poranski and Hillary Lee Poranski, lot 111, Gratis.

Dustin A. Steinberger and Danielle D. Steinberger to West End Bank, lots 48, 50, 219, 220, and 221, New Paris.

Evelyn York to Carl D. Smith and Leslie A. Hatton, 19.53 acres, Gratis.

Zachary Ferrell to Liquor Quick Inc., lot 3, Brewer.

Eric White to George Corrington, 0.777 acres, Somers Township.

Lonnie C. Printz and Tina A. Printz to Jill E. Hittle, 66.97 acres, Harrison Township.

Jill E. Hittle to Trent Printz and Kelsy Printz, 10.002 acres, Harrison Township.

Jill E. Hittle to Lonnie C. Printz and Tina A. Printz, 56.968 acres, Harrison Township.

Charles Wilson to Joyce Fleshnan and Charles Wilson, lot 154, Deer Run.

Crystal Brashear to Joni L. Rutan, lots 895 and 896, Eaton.

Pamela S. Pelfrey and Margaret R. Rumpke to Margaret R. Rumpke, lot 578, Camden.

John M. Ward and Carmen L. Ward to Ashley J. Cottingim, 4.219 acres, Harrison Township.

Linda Taggart, Nathan Taggart, Bruce Hall, June Juday, and the New Paris Presbyterian Church to Todd J. Smith and Dana J. Smith, lot 57, New Paris.

Todd J. Smith and Dana J. Smith to Scott N. Johnson and Karen S. Johnson, lot 57, New Paris.

Larry L. McMechan and Linda S. McMechan to Shane A. Baker, lot 66, New Lexington.

William Thomas Brown to Jill E. Hittle Trustee, 2.267 and 2.981 acres, Monroe Township.

Jill E. Hittle Trustee to William Thomas Brown, 4.089 and 1.157 acres, Monroe Township.

Mark D. Becker, Belinda S. Becker, and Shannon A. Becker to Denver Ahlers, lot 803, Eaton.

Patrick Runyon and Ann Runyon to Joey A. Miller and Malissa J. Miller, lot 29, New Hope.

Barbara A. Kreitzer and Ira E. Kreitzer to David E. Turner, lot 1183, Eaton.

David E. Turner to Kelly T. Turner, lot 1183, Eaton.

Brian K. Huntsbarger to Grover C. Hobbs and Christopher T. Hobbs, lot 753 and 754, Lakengren.

Suds Properties to Brandon Lebetter, lot 366, West Alexandria.

William Eisen to Kimberly Eisen, 2.098 acres, Harrison Township.

Lanny Dale Haney Trustee and the Haney Family Trust to Chase W. Lindsey and Marissa R. Haney, lot 3027, Eaton.