Public records

Marriage licenses

Preble County Probate Court

Friday, March — Ronald Lee Shepherd, 59, 803 E. Main St., Eaton, construction and Anita Diana Pedigo, 53, 4412 Eaton Gettysburg Rd., Eaton, factory.

Monday, March 20 — Jesse Dean Reed, 19, 504 East Lexington Road, Eaton, manufacturing and Kristen Alexandra Janson, 20, 504 East Lexington Road, Eaton, Day Care Teacher.

Wednesday, March 29 — Douglas Gordon Arnold, 49, 10358 County Road 335, New Paris, machinist and Amy Lynn Wooton, 49, 10358 County Road 335, New Paris, retail merchandiser.

Thursday, March 30 — Anthony James Augspurger, 101 Tiffin Court, Eaton, fence builder and Kylee Hope Aldridge, 17, 7812 Duffield Road, New Paris, student.

Wednesday, April 5 — Brandon Cody Hapner, 20, 6435 Duffield Rd., New Paris, army and Desiree Marie Flynn, 22, 53 Long Dr., Eaton, full time student.

Friday, April 7 — Justin Nathaniel windle, 34, 311 N. Maple Street, Eaton, lineman and Liza Marie Moore, 38, 311 N. Maple Street, Eaton, medical student.

Friday, April 7 — Jeremiah Stephen Kannianen, 42, 206 Difederico Dr., New Paris, plant supervisor and Jennifer Rai Lathrop, 42, 206 Difederico Dr., New Paris, dental assistant.

Thursday, April 13 — Mark Allen Johnson, 51, 7406 East Factory Road, West Alexandria, firefighter and Kimberly Kay Fultz, 42, 7406 East Factory Road, West Alexandria, hospice nurse.

Friday, April 14 — Christopher Clark Harper, 28, 303 North Street, Eaton, ultility worker and Paige Miree Mendenhall, 25, 303 North Street, Eaton, pharmacist.

Tuesday, April 18 — Colton Joseph Ryktarczyk, 26, 228 N. Franklin Street, Eaton, factory and Ashley Nicole Bechtel, 29, 228 N. Franklin Street, Eaton, retail.

Thursday, April 20 — Eric Raymond Taylor, 27, 7346 Halderman Road, West Alexandria, injection molding tech. and Kara Lynn Jennings, 24, 7346 Halderman Road, West Alexandria, office professional.

Real estate transfers

Jeanne Creech

Preble County Recorder

Rodney V. Robinson and Tina L. Robinson to Thomas L. Wallace and Rebecca J. Wallace, lots 41 and 41, New Paris.

Edwin E. Leas to Amy E. Leas, 10.943 acres, Jackson Township.

Kelly W. Gibbs to Megan E. Gibbs, 3.81 acres, Gratis,

Eric C. Voge to William A. Libecap and Michael D. Hawley, lot 1292, 1293, 1294, and 1295, Eaton.

Michael D. Muirhead and Eileen C. Muirhead to Eileen C. Muirhead, lot 2, Meadowcrest.

Kory R. Klamm and Kelly S. Klamm to Patsy M. Capps, lots 819 and 920, Eaton.

Bryan C. Deacon and Kelley Deacon to Kory R. Klamm and Kelly Klamm, lots 692 and 693, Eaton.

Wells Fargo National Bank and Orange Coast Title Company to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, lots 178 and 179, Gratis.

Cynthia M. Sizemore to Ryan A. King, lot 314, Eaton.

Kenneth D. Elliot and Kellie Elliot to Jeffrey Paul Hobbs and Nancy Arlene Hobbs, lot 593, Camden.

Wendy Clark Trustee and 309 Willow Drive Land Trust to Travis J. Manning and Ashley E. Manning, lot 2339, Eaton.

Betty R. Kressley, Treva M. Wright, and Bonnie J. Wells to Randall Vernon Wines and Christina J. Wines, 1 acre, Gratis.

Parker Family Limited Partnership to Joseph Michael Evans and Susanna J. Evans, lots 277 and 373, West Alexandria.

West End Bank SB to Erin M. Murphy and Justin C. Murphy, lot 471, New Paris.

Deborah K. Hart and Delores Hart Price to Trent Cook, 42.2 acres, Jackson Township.

Christopher M. Tyson and Kelli N. Tyson to Pacific Union Financial LLC, lot 109, Camden.

Juatana Johnson and Kayla Gibson to Brandy Griffin, lot 169, Deer Run.

John M. Bunger and Gail M. Bunger to Michelle L. Hudson and Robert J. Hudson Jr., lot 891, Lewisburg.

Debra Jazonski, Scott Eugene Thomas and Michael Wayne Thomas to Larry J. Thomas and Rhonda M. Thomas, lot 253, West Alexandria.

Jeanetta L. Ott to Bradley S. Ott and Janet K. Ott, 9.753 acres, Monroe.

Eric W. Daily Trustee and Linda L. Dailey Trustee to Zachary T. Beare and Margrett P. Cobb, lot 2476, Eaton.

Ronald D. Neanen Jr. and Cynthia A. Neanen to Alexa M. Joyce, lot 1573, Eaton.

Marvin Lee Cassidy and Jessica Frazier to Carrington Mortgage Services LLC, lot 1963, Lakengren.

Wells Fargo National Bank Trustee and Specialized Loan Servicing and Asset Management LLC to Tony Hamblin and Stephanie Hamblin, 4.501 acres, Gratis.

Stephanie L. Brown to Stephan Jones, Diane Jones, and Stephanie L. Brown, lots 53 and 54, Gratis.

Luke Daniel Marconett to Ronald C. Koelblin Jr. and Amanda N. Koelblin, 1 acre, Gratis.

West Alexandria Firemens Association Inc. to the Village of West Alexandria, lot 90 and 91, West Alexandria.

Diana King and the Estate of Mary S. Studebaker to Donald E. Hesketh and June Hesketh-Gallagher, lot 150, Lewisburg.

Wayne E. Tipton and Jessica Alice Christian to Brandon W. Willsey, lot 1654, Eaton.

Executor Kenneth F. Mason and the Estate of Margaret L. Mason to Mark A. Yost, 40.98 acres, Harrison Township.

David L. Anderson to Mary L. Anderson and David L. Anderson, lots 915 and 916, Eaton.

Robert G. Koontz and Darlene Koontz to Brian J. Schwegman and Mildred C. Schwegman, lot 1825, Eaton.

Dustin J. Bassler to Charles A. Elliot and Kara P. Elliot, lot 3191, Eaton.

John Michael Fahrenholz and Nancy Fahrenholz to Evan E. Cook, lot 405, West Alexandria.

David E. Arnold to Terry Jo Arnold, 3 acres, Washington Township.

Justin M. Gilliland and Megan C. Mullet to Justin M. Gilliland and Megan C. Gilliland, 10.673 acres, Monroe Township.

Kimberlee Smith and Donald Smith to Starbrite Investments LLC, lot 41, College Corner.

Betty . Tracy to Christopher Francis Poranski and Hillary Lee Poranski, lot 111, Gratis.

Rockridge Development LLC to Brian E. Smith and Tesha Smith, lot 3344, Eaton.

Aaron J. Brooks and Jennifer Brooks to Mark William Bowman and Michelle Christine Bowman, lot 1104, Lakengren.

Gail Taylor to Larry Taylor, lot 999 and 1014, Eaton.

Thomas W. Marker to Barbara J. Smith, lots 8 and 13, Allison.

James C. Frizzell and Patricia Frizzell to JP Frizzell Construction LLC, lot 3332, Eaton.