Commission notes

By R-H Staff

EATON — During their meeting on Wednesday, April 27, Preble County commissioners:

•Approved $3,091 expenditure for a new door and building maintenance.

  • Authorized use of a county credit card for the Preble County Sheriff’s office
  • Approved $3,900 for three days of on-site supervision for the jail control system.
  • Noted receipt of and signed a $5,014.37 Help Me Grow early intervention grant agreement with the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities.
  • Noted receipt of and signed 4 agreements regarding copier maintenance agreements with Loudy Office Machines, for data processing ($406.34), REA ($744.91 and $1,553.50), and EMA ($174.49).
  • Approved an amendment to extend the radio maintenance agreement with P&R Communications by one year: $37,860 (sheriff), $78 (dog and kennel).
  • Approved the signing of a $629.51 work order to amend the cost of the cable television agreement with Time Warner Cable.
  • Approved the signing of a $1,929.36 software support agreement with Northwestern Ohio Security.
  • Noted receipt of a travel request from Terry Pendergraft for Veterans Services.

By R-H Staff