Writer to residents: ‘Watch what is going on with SD6’



Imagine your neighbor is dumping 1,000 gallons of raw sewage on your property. After 6 years of this dumping, your neighbor files a lawsuit demanding you fix the sewage problem.

Welcome to Sewer District 6. This is what the OEPA did to the commissioners in 2015. I believe the OEPA allowed the Quaker Trace Trailer Park to dump over 1,000 gallons a day of raw sewage into county ditches and streams for years. The OEPA, the PCHD, the former commissioners, and the Preble County Prosecutor’s office refused to do anything to stop this sewage flow.

In the 2015 Findings and Orders filed against the former board of commissioners, the OEPA ordered a sewer district be built in the Glenwood area based on two charges mentioned in the Findings and Orders. The first charge was a sewer district was needed because of failed sewer systems in the Glenwood area. The results of my public records requests to the PCHD and the OEPA show no documentations of any failed septic systems in the Glenwood area.

As to the second charge, the OEPA mentioned four on-site sewage complaints in the Glenwood area. My records request to the PCHD and the OEPA provided no copies of these four sewage complaints. Our attorney was successful in obtaining the copies of the sewage complaints. Two of the four sewage complaints were filed by Twin Township’s Rodney Creech. When the former commissioners are issued Findings and Orders, Commissioner Rodney Creech then is dealing with charges against the county that he started as a trustee. Then, State Representative Rodney Creech’s office announced an $8 million grant to help pay for SD6.

SD6 was never about fixing a sewage problem. In my opinion, the sewer district is needed for a much larger plan. I firmly believe that there’s a plan to develop properties in the Glenwood area, but to accomplish these plans, a sewer system is needed.

All the citizens of Preble County need to watch what is going on with SD6. If the OEPA is successful in forcing the commissioners to build a sewer district in Glenwood, it’s just a matter of time until the powers-that-be will come after you.

Jerry L. Wick

West Alexandria

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