Writer encourages vote for Kemmer Aug. 2


Republican Residents of Ohio Senate District 5:

You will be asked to vote for a member of the Ohio Republican Central Committee to represent you in the deliberations and decisions made by leaders of the Republican Party of Ohio.

There are two candidates for Committeewoman to serve in that capacity: Mary Beth Kemmer and Jessica Franz.

This position is for leadership in the state party. This position is to be held by a Republican. In my opinion, this position should be held by someone with a proven track record about party rules, regulations, goals and activities. This position should not be for someone who is unfamiliar with the workings of the Republican Party in Ohio. It is not for someone whose voting record seems to indicate that they have little interest in the election process — let alone Party politics.

According to the records of the Miami County Board of Elections, if I am reading the records correctly, I found that Mary Beth Kemmer registered to vote in Miami County on May 1, 1983, whereas Ms. Franz registered to vote in Miami County on Sept. 25, 2012.

I also found that since her registration in 2012, Ms. Franz has voted in only five general elections and only one primary. Primary elections are when a person declares party affiliation — and Ms. Franz had never declared a party affiliation until she voted in the most recent primary, when she finally chose to declare affiliation with the Republican Party.

Since 2012, Ms. Kemmer has voted in every general and primary election except for one general election. She chose to declare her affiliation with the Republican Party in every primary during that time frame.

In my opinion, it seems very questionable that someone who has no proven record of voting — let alone affiliating herself with the Republican Party — would believe herself qualified to assume knowledgeable and responsible leadership of the Republican Party.

Please vote for excellence in Republican Party Leadership — vote for Mary Beth Kemmer to serve knowledgeably and responsibly as your Ohio State Republican Party Central Committeewoman.

Lyn Bliss


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