LEU, LFD contributions recognized

R-H Staff

LEWISBURG — Fire and LEU Chief B.J. Sewert reported recent contributions to the Lewisburg Emergency Unit and Fire Department:


In memory of Charles “Eddie” Brennan — Carrie & Gregory Steele

In memory of Hilda Keller — Lloyd & Glenna Shively

In memory of Don Colville — Janice Harmon

In memory of Tod Eikenbery — William & Patricia McFall

In memory of Bonita Gay Robbins — Gwendolyn Harmon & Gordon Smith, Randy & Kay Creech, Matthew & Sheri Ekberg, Sara Ekberg,

In memory of Charles Rike — Albert & Patricia Chrisman, Rob Niles, Ronald & Beverly Seeker, Barnett & Margaret McClain

In appreciation — Marcia & Kevin Osswald.

R-H Staff