Around the ‘burg

LEWISBURG — We’re back!

It has just been too long since we have had a chance to share with you. Many changes happened in our lives but we are “on the road” again. It feels good to be in the saddle again!


Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Listen for the sounds of Derby Days. The smells of grilled pork chops, hamburgers being fixed on the grill, briskets, elephant ears, pretzels saturated the air. Country music, carnival music, the shouting of bingo, distant sounds of laughter and talking, emcees announcing winners of the queen and baby contests, dogs barking— the many sounds of the festival. .

Derby Days is more than racing a car down the hill. It is generations of families who return to Lewisburg the third weekend of August to share memories of past derbies.

Thank you to the Lewisburg Police, Lewisburg Fire Department, Village workers, vendors, and the many who planned this special event for our Village. Until next year… Aug. 16-18, 2018.

Lewisburg Bicentennial September 2018

The 200th birthday of our village is quickly approaching and many people are strategically planning the many scheduled events. Cookbooks have arrived and can be purchased at the Bicentennial Office (barber shop) located n North Commerce Street. It is an awesome publication. Thanks to all who helped make this happen.


This was a short entry due to the holidays. We are so happy to be back. Watch for next week. We have had so many adventures to share.

“There is spirit, there is grace in our little country place!”

Until next time… We’ll see you Around the ‘Burg

By Judy Mayrer & Janet Philpot