Around the ‘burg

By Judy Mayrer & Janet Philpot

LEWISBURG — Another week of fall weather. Can it last? We have had our share of rain but not so much that it has spoiled our daytime plans. Right now, it looks like we can expect a beautiful weekend. That is always good news for the Pork Festival weekend. We always look forward to the Pork Festival Parade which was held on Saturday.

Looking back

The parade and the Pork Festival have always been a big part of Janet’s life since her mom and dad were in charge of preparing all the food. What an undertaking! (I thought cooking for five hungry boys and their friends was sometimes a challenge.) Getting ready for the buffet was a family project. There was no question about whether you were helping or not. You were. The weeks leading up to the festival were filled with shredding cabbage for the homemade cole slaw, cutting onions and potatoes for potato salad, and preparing gallons of baked beans. The decision to go heavy on baked beans or cole slaw was dependent on the weather. Last minute changes in the weather were nerve wracking. Somehow, at the end of the festival, everyone survived and they were making plans for next year.


Downtown Lewisburg welcomed two new businesses this summer. On the corner is A Cherry on Top Ice Cream Shoppe, owned by Debbie and Tony Cherry. They feature Hershey’s ice cream and a sandwich menu.

The Antique Mall has new owners and a new name. It is now called Brick Rhod Antiques and the new owners are Brian and Angie Rhodus. They have already made several changes to the interior of the store and have plans for upgrading the exterior. For those long-time ‘Burgers who have been asking, the Freedman’s sign will be taken down but will be displayed in a prominent spot inside the store.

Stop in and visit both new stores. Only we can help Lewisburg grow by shopping local when we can.

Weekend activities

The Haunted Cave is open every Friday and Saturday nights thru Oct. 28. They promise to scare the bejeebers out of you, I’m not sure what a bejeeber is, but if you don’t want it, go to the Haunted Cave, and get rid of it. For those who prefer a calmer experience, take the wagon ride into the cave, and learn the history of the limestone mining operation, meet the bats who reside in the cave, and experience total darkness. After either experience, don’t forget the kettle corn.

Our football team continues to add marks in the “win” column. Take advantage of the nice evenings and support our athletic teams.

New adventure

Never ones to ignore a challenge, when we read on Facebook that Mary Bullen of Eaton had issued a challenge to retired educators to “adopt” a teacher for the next school year, we had to respond. After talking to several teachers, one name kept coming up. “Ben Mangan” was our man. Our original plan was to help with school supplies, etc., but after meeting with Ben, we were asked to help in his classroom one day a week. He said that “for older…uh..seasoned teachers”, we had some pretty good ideas. This week we made our first appearance and were greeted enthusiastically by all the students. Monday night we had trouble sleeping and Tuesday morning we had “first-day jitters”. ” Will we be able to operate the elevator?” “Where is the restroom?” “When is lunch?” “What is your name again?” The students were as excited as we were and the day passed quickly. By the time we got home, we were ready for a nap. We are looking forward to next week. Time to wrap this up for now. We have to do our homework.

In closing

Remember the victims of the recent hurricanes and wildfires. We are so blessed to have been spared these tragedies. Spend time with friends and family. Tell someone you love them. There is spirit, there is grace in our peaceful country place. Until next week — see you around the ‘Burg.

By Judy Mayrer & Janet Philpot