Brookville Community Theatre presenting ‘The Christmas Spirit’

R-H Staff

BROOKVILLE, OHIO — A trimmed and lighted tree, mistletoe in place, a table set for family, friends and The Angel of Death? So begins the funny and yet poignant presentation of The Spirit of Christmas at the Brookville Community Theater. Julia Dowling is set to spend a quiet Christmas when a Visitor (The Angel of Death) appears to tell her she’s going to die almost immediately. Using all of her negotiating skills she strikes a deal to give her at least 1 more day by inviting the Visitor to spend Christmas day with her and her family and friends.

And what a collection of oddballs it is. Jingo writing Paul, his bulimic girlfriend Melissa, sarcastic Aunt Rose, confused Uncle Bernie, well intended Father John, steady daughter Beth and already deceased Mathew combine for a Christmas day to be long remembered. The Visitor takes to Christmas traditions and edibles far easier than expected and offers surprises at each and every turn. Directed by Sherron Henry, this play gives its audience laughs by the score and a double surprise ending that leaves them asking for more.

Tickets for the 8 p.m. shows Nov. 11 and 16,17,18, and Sunday matinees Nov. 12 and 19 can be purchased through the box office at the Brookville Flower Shop (937-833-3531) This, the final play of the 2017 season enhances the Brookville Community Theater’s reputation as the Biggest Little Theater in Southwest Ohio.

The cast included Kerry Simpson, Don Cordes, Director Sherron Henry, James Nelson, Luke Cramer, Larry Lindstrom, Kayla Newkirk. Cathy Rarick, Joyce Luther and Brad Rarick.

R-H Staff