PCCOA: nourishing seniors in the community

By Holly Steele - For PCCOA

EATON — Preble County Council on Aging, rated the No. 1 senior center in Ohio, continues to deliver meals to Preble County seniors without skipping a beat.

In order to keep our seniors at home and potentially reduce community spread, we are delivering meals. On March 25 we provided 198 hot meals to seniors — this is about 48 additional meals per day since March 16.

In addition to the daily hot meal, we also provided 198 bags of 7 days’ worth of shelf stable items that can be used as a second meal. In order to encourage our friends and family over 60 to stay home, and not need to go to the grocery, we were able to provide this extra food. These bags have a variety of items in them including a jar of peanut butter, crackers, applesauce, juice, raisins, cereal, dry milk, and more.

We are lucky to have several community volunteers help deliver these bags of extra food. Our volunteer helpers included: Jerry and Jackie Gross, Scott and Lisa Marling, Alan and Rachael Vonderhaar, Adam Vonderhaar, Caroline Vonderhaar, John Philpot, Adam Craft, and Rodney Creech.

Keeping our seniors home is our number one priority right now. If you know of anyone in Preble County, over 60, who needs a meal during the Stay At Home Order, please call us at 937-456-4947.


By Holly Steele