Monroe Township lists 2016 cemetery interments

R-H Staff

PREBLE COUNTY — Monroe Township has released its annual report of interments for 2016.

Total interments for the year was 20. The following is a list of the burials in Monroe Township:

Wares Chapel Cemetery: Martin A. Sizemore, Feb. 2; Rebecca Lynne Ebersole, April 9; Mary Janice Miller, April 23; Jeanette Elleman, April 29; Evelyn Marie Forster, May 9; Byron E. Hensel, June 15; Marjorie P. Kutscher, July 23; Beverly Gail Evans, Nov. 10; Karie Marie Evans, Nov. 10; Michelle Lynette Braughton, Dec. 17.

Twin Creek Chapel Cemetery: Rona L. Studebaker, June 10; Franklin Howell Jr., Aug. 12; David I. Landis, Oct. 6; Betty L. Pequignot, Oct. 27.

Monroe Cemetery: Bettie Everhart, Jan. 5; Hollie D. Hawkey Jr., April 1; Hamp Dunn, June 11; Anna M. Agler, Aug. 5; Florence Marie Root, Aug. 6; William R. Mull, Nov. 22.

R-H Staff