Gratis not raising water rates

By Kelsey Kimbler -

GRATIS — Despite rumors stating otherwise, according to Gratis Village council member Doug Farquer, there has been no talk of raising water rates.

During a council meeting on Thursday, July 27, there was public concern water rates were going to double. Farquer answered, “I don’t know where you’re hearing that from, but there has been no talk here from this council about raising the water bills at this time. We may raise them, but it will be a very small percentage. They haven’t been raised I believe since 2011, so I know some of us have tossed it around the last three or four years. A small percentage raise, and I’m talking two to three percent.

“Wherever you got your information from, I’m glad you came here,” he said. “I have heard the same thing and I was dumbfounded. That is not coming from this council.”

A representative with Gratis Eagles attended the meeting to ask permission to hold their annual Corn Hole Tournament on Sept. 9 starting at noon. They will block off Harrison Street and have a beer truck. The village council granted permission.

Calls have remained steady for the Gratis Fire Department and heroin response calls are down for the EMS, according to officials.

In Gratis Police news:

•There have been many thefts recently.

•Heroin responses are down, but through-traffic drugs are still an issue.

•The department is seeking quotes for ramps for the new station.

The next Gratis Village Council meeting will be held on Thursday, Aug. 17, at 7 p.m. in the Gratis village office.

By Kelsey Kimbler

Reach Kelsey Kimbler at 937-683-4061 or on Twitter @KKimbler_RH

Reach Kelsey Kimbler at 937-683-4061 or on Twitter @KKimbler_RH