2017 Somers Township burials reported

SOMERS TWP. — The Somers Township Trustees are reporting that there were 40 burials at the Fairmount Cemetery, located on Camden Road in Camden, for the year of 2017.

Those buried included:

Lorene Boyd, Georgia E. Snowden, Jeffery A. English, Mark A. Weinstiger, Stephen W. Pheanis, Joshua W. Buchanan, Frieda A. Kennedy, Garnett L. Rust, Jeanette Stamper, Jack L. Pansing, Michael A. Dougherty, Norma Baker, Sarah P. Clark, Marilyn L. Hartman, Linda L. Barger, Hilda M. Keller, Jack Ford, Larry K. Ramsey, Joyce E. Whittaker, Helen D. Bogan, Quentin E. Mobley, Mary A. Morton, Gene Caudill, Elizabeth L. Christian, Robert E. Zinke, Adrian H. Barger, Jr., Michael W. Buell, Schon D. Hudson, Emerie B. Hudson, Melissa A. Hudson, William R. Gadd, James N. Robertts, Dennis I. Robertson, Nancy P. Chaney, Randy L. Arcuragi, Douglas A. Pitts, Paul M. Brown, Susie L. Cottingim, Georgia D. Elliott and John M. Crank.