Potential fundraising scam in Lewisburg

R-H Staff

LEWISBURG — The Lewisburg Police Department and the Preble County Sheriff’s Office have recently been informed of a possible scam requesting donation toward the Lewisburg Police Department. The Lewisburg Police Department does not solicit donations from anyone via phone. Anyone being contacted via telephone and asked to make a donation to the Lewisburg Police Department is being warned this is a scam.

Officials note, many legitimate police foundations and organizations do solicit donations from local communities and may do so via telephone. Anyone receiving such a call from one of those foundations is encouraged to take note of who is calling, by name and phone number, the date and time. They also encourage everyone to require informtion be sent to them via U.S. Mail before considering any donations.

Anyone having questions should contact the Lewisburg Police Department at 937-962-4677.

R-H Staff