Submitted by NTFFA

NEW PARIS — The National Trail MVCTC FFA Chapter is starting off its year with a bang. The 2018-2019 officer team headed to Hueston Woods to plan its POA (Program of Activities) for the upcoming year.

The officer team consists of: President Rachael Kimball, Vice President Macel Stowers, Treasurer Abbey Rodefer, Reporter Cheyenne Gillett, Secretary Trena Caldwell, Student Advisor Ricky Cole, Sentinel Hunter Miller, and their advisors Eric and Carmen Kennel.

The officers were scheduled to arrive at Hueston Woods on July 9 at 6 p.m. sharp. After all the officers arrived they went straight into action. They practiced their opening ceremonies and went over their roles as officers. Each officer then had to answer question provided by the advisors. Next, the officers went over their roles as officers soon after they went on a team bonding hike. The officers took photos on this trip and had a great bonding experience.

After the kids arrived back to camp they got right back into business. The officers were given a category to write goals they would like to accomplish within the category. The categories included: chapter goals, officer goal, CDE goals, and SAE goals, etc.

A top goal that they want to achieve as a chapter is to continue helping other FFA members to become leaders. After the POA was complete each officer presented their activity they had to make based off a topic the advisors provided. These include: Social media usage, member/officer interactions, Officer team bonding, responsibility, time management, Qualities of an FFA member/officer, and conflict management.

Submitted by NTFFA