Preble County Public Records


Marriage applications filed in Preble County from Sept. 30-Oct. 14

Erick Vernal Kazee, 33, of Lewisburg and Amy Ellen Evans, 31, of Lewisburg.

Ian Daniel Brubaker, 33, of Camden and Anne Marie Wysong, 23, of Camden.

Mark Allen Moses, 27, of Eaton and Myranda Grace Asher, 24, of Eaton.

Michael James Crowley, 27, of Lewisburg and Abby Nicole Shellabarger.

Darren Scott Wolfe, 28, of W. Manchester and Danielle Nicole Gibbons, 28, of W. Manchester.

Steven Wayne Riggle, 59, of Richmond, In. and Pamela J. Parker, 53, of Richmond, In.

David Thomas Maddox, 31, of Middletown and Brittany Deanne Back, 28, of Middletown.

Stephan Patrick Maddox Jr, 34, of W. Alexandria and Ashley Lynne Pence, 31, of W. Alexandria.

James Micheal Wilson, 49, of Camden and Davon Elizabeth Barnes, 39, of Camden.

Shawn Anthony Rodgers, 42, of Somerville and Heather Leigh Wilder, 46, of Somerville.

Johnathan Micheal Swank, 34, of Eaton and Christina Nichole Gross, 30, of Eaton.

Joshua Jon Rolle, 22, of Utica Kansas and Abigail Elaine Filburn, 19, of Lewisburg.

Travis Darrell McNay, 38, of Verona and Brandi Nicole Gay, 27, of Verona.

Preston Ronald Guehring, 23, of Bowling Green, Oh. and Heather Alexandra Lunsford, 20, of W. Alexandria.

Shane Justin Harris, 26, of W. Alexandria and Amanda Brook Kidd, 34 of W. Alexandria.

Robert Lee Ross, 41, of Camden and Michelle Lee Whitaker, 23, of Camden.

Justin Bradley Burns, 27, of Camden and Ashley Nicole Dillon, 29, of Camden.

Nathan Alexander Dickerson, 22, of Mays Lick, Ky. and Karlie Ashton Stewart, 21 of Mays Lick Ky.

Joseph Glenn Miller, 61, of Cincinnati and J’Wanda Barnett, 62, of Eaton.

Kary Ernest Bottoms, 53, of Eaton and Janet Stouffer, 47, of Eaton.

Jacob Eugene Mendenhall, 26, of Eaton and Symantha Nichole Corwin, 28, of Eaton.

Samuel Justus Redfeairn, 32, of Eaton and Christina Nicole Cornett, 33, of Eaton.

Brent Daniel Host, 44, of Eldorado and Michael Shane Cohorn, 42, of Eldorado.

James Robert Fisher, 34, of Eaton and Allison Rebecca Smith, 30, of Sidney, OH.

Zachary James Hoffman, 21, of Richmond, IN. and Lindsay Renee Carpenter, 21, of W. Manchester.

Martin Fernando Enrique Bernad, 25, of W. Alexandria and Nerma Bel Amamio Gabonada, 25, of W. Alexandria.

Wyatt Eugene Back, 27, of Camden and Shanda Renee Bishop, 36, of Camden.

Derek Anthony Bane, 27, of New Paris and Lindsey Marie Grazier, 32, of New Paris.

Robert Wayne French, 83, of Eaton and Joan Ferol Larrison, 83, of Eaton.

Real estate transfers filed from Wednesday, Sept. 30 to Wednesday, Oct. 21:

Marcia Beckett Executor and Martha F. Gibbons to Marilyn J. Peck, lot 1757 in Eaton.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Eric E. Marit, part of lots 1828 and 1829 in Eaton.

Chad D. Rigsby and Jade M. Rigsby to Shawn Thomas, lot 2066 in Lakengren 24.

Loren E. Shaffer to Thomas J. Kelly, lot 559 in New Paris.

Jane Ann Medaris and Jan L. Cook to Dale. Wogoman and Maria C. Wogoman, 5 acres in Jefferson Township.

Sara R. Schmitz and Sara R. Casto to David Gudorf and Allyson Gudorf, 4.96 acres in Somers Township.

Daryl Stump to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company Trustee, Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Inc. and Asset Backed Pass Through Certificates, part of lots 899 to 898 in Eaton.

Matthew J. Schroeder and Jeradith Rader, part of lots 11and 12 in West Elkton.

Karen Vest, Vernon D. Vest, Janet Turvene and Norris Paul Imes to Marvin K. Birchfield, lot748 in Lewisburg.

The Bank of New York Mellon, The Bank of New York Trustee, and Bayview Loan Serving LLC to Mathew Brewster and Carley Brewster, part of lot 49 in New Paris.

Richard L. Benson and Judith A. Benson to Michelle Barnhart, lot 170 and 171 in Eldorado.

Billy Gene Carpenter to Billy Gene Carpenter and Brenda Pate, 5.004 acres in Gratis Township.

Gregory C. Stevens and Greg C. Stevens to Robbie Johnson, lots 182 and 183 in New Paris.

Steven M. Maggard, Cynthia L. Maggard, and Kirandeep Kauer to Kirandeep Kauer, lot 2952 in Eaton.

Edward W. Brown Jr. and Irma Brown to Michelle M. Back, lot 683 in Lakengren 3.

Charlotte M. Miller to Sally L. Norvell lot 727 in Lewisburg.

Janet Jones to Leah K. Sullivan, part of lot 20 in Sycamore 2.

Joel Eugene Montgomery ad Thomas Lee Montgomery to Cheryl Sue Manning to Thomas Lee Montgomery and Joel Eugene Montgomery, part of lot 15 OL in Eaton OL.

Linda S. Sizemore to Donald Sizemore Sr. lot 40 in Stone Ridge 1.

Rachel M. Kilgore to JP Morgan Chase Bank National Association, part of lot 17 in Eaton.

Brandi K. Pence to Samuel O. Pence, lot 2334 in Eaton.

Robert J. Morgerson and Deborah K. Morgerson to Donald M. Stover Jr., Kimberly A. Bawer Stover and Kimberly A. Stover Bawer, lot 15 and 16 in Woodland.

James E. Robbins Jr. and Sandra M. Robbins to Brent M. Lamb, Stacey L. Lamb-Robbins, and Stacey L. Robbins-Lamb, lot 524 in West Alexandria.

Stonecrest Income and Opportunity Fund I and Stonecrest Managers Inc. to Ndreu Almir, lot 38 in Fairhaven.

Michael L. Hester to Midfrist Bank, 1.107 acres in Lanier Township.

Michael P. Mullins to Bank of New York Mellon Trustee and CIT Mortgage Loan Trust 2007, lots and 881 and 882 in Eaton.

Sandra K. Pratt to Pratt Property management LLC lot 1274 in Lakengren.

Ralph D. Creech and Nedra A. Creech to Alexander Lee Gregory, lot 1.329 in Harrison Township.

Paul Scott Eversole, Karen G. Eversole, Buffy Rose, Buffie Marie Rose, and Douglas L. Rose to Tanner S. Weinstiger, .492 acres in Somers Township.

Wilmington Trust National Association, CIT Bank NA Trustee, First Franklin Mortgage Loan Trust, and Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Eric G. Merit, 10.726 acres in Gratis Township.

Mariann Chestnut to William S. Hampton, lot 296 in Deer Run.

LTD Chateux to Jason M. Pence and Fawn J. Pence, lot 1804 in Eaton.

Rodfeld Properties LLC to Carter Cleaning Enterprises LLC, part of lots, 159, 160, 161, 162, 124, 125 and 126.

Thomas L. Wallace, Rebecca J. Wallace and Rebecca J. Wallace to Douglas Wayne Gulley and Brenda D. Gulley, lot 495 in New Paris.

CR Properties 2015 LLC and RDS Group LLC to Kevin Driver and Angela Driver, .5888 acres in Lanier Township.

Sheila M. Starnes to Rebecca Schaffer, lot 1495in Eaton and part of lot 34 in Eaton OL.

Benjamin N. Roles and Shannon A. Roles to Roger D. Highley and Elizabeth A. Highley, lot 27 in Gratis.

Tae H. Peak and Yi Rong to Lozano Reina Dozal and Reina Dozal Lozano, lot 29 in Stone Ridge.

David E. Foxx and Debra L. Foxx to Donald K. Doran, lot 189 in Camden.

Joseph A. Bowermaster Jr. and Kristen L. Bowermaster to Somerville National Bank, lot 317 in Eaton.