TVS BOE discusses bond issue

By Jeremy Erskine -

WEST ALEXANDRIA — The Twin Valley Community Local Board of Education met Monday, Oct. 26, and discussed bond issue payoff and a potential replacement of a permanent improvement levy, among other school business.

The bond issue will be part of the primary election in March, so Superintendent Clint Moore brought the issue to light in the October meeting, citing that the board needs to start talking about what they want to do come election time.

The deadline for the school to file a resolution of necessity for the permanent improvement levy is Dec. 9.

“We’re trying to create a stream of revenue that is renewable for us on an annual basis so we can start tackling some of these large dollar improvements to our district,” said Moore.

To do that, the board is seeking a replacement levy to take away the tax burden from the bond issue which will be stopping after this year.

The number discussed at the board meeting was to propose a levy of 2.5 mil, which will generate roughly $250,000 going forward, but Treasurer Rachel Tait is planning a meeting with Lavone Wright, the Preble County auditor, to discuss the issue further.

The board decided to come together for a special meeting to discuss the issue further. No set date had been determined.

Other items included in the superintendent’s report were policy updates, a follow-up on the Preble County Crisis Response training, the band hosting a capital city percussion event, and cameras on buses.

The school has started to pilot a camera on the one bus, taking a step in helping bring both the students and the drivers protection. There is already a policy in place for cameras, so no revision was needed.

A few policies are renewing for the new school quarter, changing mostly legal references and cross references – the policy changes will be discussed further in the November meeting.

Moore also discussed allowing the crisis response training to use the school in June, and the potential of allowing the Capital City Percussion Event to use their facilities overnight for practices. No dates were determined yet and no official decisions have been made.

The board also announced two donations to the bleacher and football field renovation, with Isaac Shepherd from Heritage Point Financial donating $5,000 and Henny Penny donating $30,000 to the project.

In other business, he board approved the following items:

• Waibel Energy/Trane will be hired through TCPN cooperative purchasing network to replace both domestic hot water boilers at a cost of $59,999 and to build an automation upgrade at the cost of $35,983,

• A five year agreement with the sports medicine, wellness, and education services with Dayton Sports Medicine Institute. The agreement will run from Nov. 1, 2015 through June 30, 2020.

• Overnight trip for Sheryl Byrd and four students to attend the FCCLA National Cluster Meeting in Indianapolis from Nov. 20 through Nov. 22.

• A contract with the Ohio School Boards Association web based service for the 2015-16 school year at a cost of $1,550.

• Approval of the substitute teacher roster; approval of a substitute education aide; two OHSAA tournament directions at a cost of $35 per event, per director; one OHSAA tournament ticket manager at a cost of $35 per event; OHSAA tournament security at a cost of $35 per event; OHSAA tournament field prep at a cost of $35 per event; three sporting event site managers; and the 2015-16 supplemental extracurricular postions.

The Twin Valley Community Board of Education meets on the fourth Monday of every Month in the Media Center of Twin Valley South schools at 6:30 p.m. The next scheduled meeting is Monday, Nov. 23.

By Jeremy Erskine

Jeremy can be reached at 937-683-4061 or on Twitter @jerskine_RH.

Jeremy can be reached at 937-683-4061 or on Twitter @jerskine_RH.