New masseuse opens shop in Eaton


EATON — Meridian Massage Therapy, LLC has announced its opening at 1401 US Route 35 East in Eaton. Focusing on relaxation and medical massage, Meridian uses Swedish massage, as well as techniques to relax tight or spasmed muscles to provide its clients a drug-free, non-invasive means of managing pain, maintaining or improving physical and mental well-being, and reducing stress.

Owner Mary Gardner recently graduated from the Dayton School of Medical Massage and received her massage therapist license from the State Medical Board of Ohio in August. A full member of the American Massage Therapy Association, Gardner has been interested in massage therapy for quite some time.

“I’ve seen first-hand how massage can help alleviate pain and improve flexibility and the ability to move freely. A car accident a number of years ago left me with chronic pain and restricted movement in my left arm. Massage was instrumental in helping me regain full use of my arm and getting rid of the pain,” she said.

“More and more, the healthcare community is recognizing that massage can be a valuable and effective tool in treating a wide range of health issues,” Gardner said. “Medical massage can help with so many physical problems facing people, such as post-operative or post-injury recovery, tension and migraine headaches, low-back or neck pain, and the symptoms of arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome, just to name a few.

“I’m proud to be part of this movement and look forward to helping the people of Preble County as they work toward better health and well-being.”

Meridian Massage Therapy LLC is located at 1401 U.S. 35 East, in Eaton (former site of To Your Health healthfood store). For more information, call or text 937-733-7641 or email