Eaton council holds meeting, celebration for mayor

By Jeremy Erskine -

EATON — Eaton City Council met in regular session on Monday, Nov. 16 to celebrate mayor Gary Wagner’s last meeting before his retirement, as well as taking care of several year-end items and awards.

Council also had business to attend to though, holding two public hearings and passing three ordinances during the meeting.

In the public hearing, they held their first reading to amend the “industrial districts” section of the codified ordinance. This is at the request of Freedom First Credit Union at 205 N. Barron St, which wishes to add a drive-thru to their operation.

The council passed the first reading. If the amendment passes its second reading, an application will be sent to the planning board for further review.

The second public hearing was on a revision to the Ohio Revised Code, which removed all numbered and lettered references to the code and will hereby just state the “Ohio Revised Code”, referencing the newest and most up-to-date copy. There are also other phrasing changes as well, such as the removal of the word “retardation.”

They also approved an increase of $2 to the refuse collection fee, upping the residential cost to $18.85.

Changes to chapter 191 of the revised code, as well as the institution of a capital improvement fund for the parks and recreation department were also approved.

In the city manager’s report, the members of council allowed a request by The Stable for the transfer of a liquor license.

Eaton has also received $25,000 reimbursement by Natureworks and they are still looking into future uses for the money. Looking toward the 2016 budget, the St. Clair Bridge is also in need of repairs that will cost roughly $75,000.

In lighter news at the meeting, the Eaton Fire Department awarded $5 McDonald’s gift cards to all the winners of their coloring contest and the Downtown Eaton Inc. group was awarded a key to the city.

By Jeremy Erskine