Public records


Marriage applications filed in Preble County from Wednesday, Dec. 23 to Wednesday, Dec. 30:

Travis Lee Hostetler, 19, of Camden and Molly Mae Alexander, 20, Camden.

Samuel Louis Sievering Jr., 44, W. Alexandria and Jessica Lynn Pugh, 33, of W. Alexandria.

Real Estate transfers filed in Preble County from Wednesday, Dec. 2 to Friday, Dec. 15:

Eric N. Kiracofe and Chirstina A. Kiracofe to Jordan D. Eleanore, lot 1090 in Eaton.

Tanas L. Bowman to Jack A. Deem and Lois A. Deem, part of outlot 50 in Lewisburg.

Kasey J. Allen and James C. Overholtz to Dexter E. Melling and Aaron R. Melling.

Elizabeth R. Ballinger and Betty R. Ballinger to Audrey L. Bennet, lot 2331 in Eaton.

John G. Rettich to Emily R. Amburgey, lot 1612 in Eaton.

Omer J. Barker EXECUTOR and Rita O. Baker to Gerald W. Emrick and Laura Emrick, lot 666 in Eaton.

Pandora L. Smith to Danny D. Proctor and Betty J. Proctor, lot 424 in West Alex.

Sara Lariviere and Colt Butler to Christian Buford, part of outlot 88 in Camden outlot.

Patrick D. Miller and Kathleen W. Miller to Austin W. Doat, lot 1206 in Lakengren 9.

Helen B. Stubbs to Brandon T. Bunting, lot 2819 in Eaton.

Robert A. Patterson, and Shirley Patterson, .528 acres in Gratis Township an .401 acres in Gratis Township.

Barry W. Renner, Mildred I. Renner and Jeremiah N. Renner, lot 324 in W. Alexandria.

Forest L. Rivers and Lonnie Sue Rivers, to Rohm and Haas Chemicals LLC, lot 6 in West Alex outlot.

Edith H. Todd to Douglas L. Hamilton, 1.506 acres in Israel Township.

Ronald D. Jennings to Andrew S. Matheis, 3.208 acres in Twin Township.

Wilma Garcia to Dudley W. Lovley and Eva L. Lovley, 1.903 acres in Somers Township.

Branda Werner to Philip A. Miller, part of lots 385, 386 and vacant alley in W. Alexandria.

Beverly J. Arthur to Nicholas M. Eck, 1.373 acres in Somers Township.

Brenda Sue Ross to Edumn Pikula and Karen Pikula, lot 234 and part of vacant alley in West Alexandria.

Jessica M. Gilliland, Jessica Marie Cohee and Denve Joshua Cohee to Alana K. Garber, 5.842 acres in Jackson Township.