MVCTC Business Ownership Program conducts sales

By Kelly Herzog - For MVCTC

ENGLEWOOD — Business Ownership students at the Miami Valley Career Technology Center (MVCTC) held their annual merchandise sales on Oct. 21-27. Students chose which products to produce including shirts, hoodies, hats, sweatpants, and bags. They created numerous flyers and social media promotions to advertise for the one-week sale. Sales were conducted using tablets during lunches and online. Business Ownership students collected payments in the form of cash and credit card, using the Apple Square. Students provided exceptional customer service while selling $7,507.46 in total merchandise.

Three weeks later, 15 boxes of orders were delivered to MVCTC. The Business Ownership lab organized the items, and they came up with a system to hand out the merchandise to staff and students while tracking pickups to ensure they accounted for all items; $475 of the sales will be donated to the MVCTC Education Foundation, thanks to staff and students who purchased merchandise!

A special thanks to Epluno for their assistance in this year’s merchandise sale.

The MVCTC Business Ownership program focuses on entrepreneurship and teaches students how to start and manage a successful business of their choice while completing fun activities to gain hands-on experience! Students receive training in the Microsoft Office Suite. Business Ownership is a College Tech Prep program, which guides students to do additional learning at Sinclair Community College in Entrepreneurship or Business Management Associate Degree programs.

By Kelly Herzog