Derickson seeking seat, names Preble leadership team

R-H Staff

MIDDLETOWN — State Representative Tim Derickson is running as a Republican for Ohio’s 8th Congressional District.

Derickson spent the early part of his career in the private sector by working long days as a dairy farmer and small business owner. To enter the Ohio House of Representatives, Derickson won the primary in 2008. There, he says he “worked with conservative Republicans to cut more taxes than any state in the nation, help Ohio create 350,000 new jobs, balance the budget, remove unfair laws against gun owners, and fight to protect unborn life.”

Derrickson is a member of the NRA, Farm Bureau, Oxford Rotary Club and The Chamber of Commerce serving Middletown, Monroe and Trenton. Together, he and his wife, Kelly, have two grown children, Matt and Katie (David) Noble, and are longtime members of Oxford Bible Fellowship Church.

Following the recent endorsement of the Preble County Republican Party, a group of current and former elected officials, conservative leaders, agriculture and business leaders have signed on to endorse Tim Derickson for Congress.

“Over the last few months I have gotten to know Tim Derickson. I got to know Tim not as an elected official but as a person. As those conversations progressed, I saw Tim Derickson to have agriculture roots and rock-solid conservative principles. We need him in Congress,” said Commissioner Rodney Creech.

“Tim Derickson has shown a commitment to Preble County, our values and our voice. Preble County Republicans should rally behind conservative Tim Derickson for Congress,” said Preble County Sheriff Michael Simpson. “As Sheriff, the safety and security of not only Preble County but the United States of America is paramount: Tim Derickson will make the tough decisions to keep us safe.”

“It has been an honor to travel around Preble County. Voters there and across the 8th District are concerned about our rural Ohio values being tossed aside by those in Washington DC,” said Derickson. “My commitment is a very serious one: I will not stand down in the fight for our culture and way of life.”

R-H Staff