Big changes coming to New Paris as park project begins

Submitted by New Paris Community Park Foundation

NEW PARIS — Exciting changes are coming to the New Paris landscape.

Did you know that New Paris is the only town in Preble County without a park? The health and well-being of the greater New Paris area is about to change. As with any community park, funds are needed. With the limited tax base of the village, and reduced federal and state government funding over the past decade, the founding members of the New Paris Community Park Foundation realized if this project was to become a reality, then the citizens of New Paris would have to come together.

The New Paris Community Park Foundation functions as a component of The Dayton Foundation (TDF), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to facilitating philanthropy throughout the region. As a result of this partnership, NPCPF is able to fulfill their purpose: to expand our capacity to generate revenue, acquire financial resources through contributions and grants, and to develop and carry out park improvements and support park programming.

The NPCPF mission is to develop and cultivate a focus on wellness and an enhanced quality of life for the greater New Paris Area. Recently, the NPCPF has established a working relationship with New Paris Village Council regarding park design, fundraising, and events planning. As NPCPF moves through phase one of the park project, which is the demolition of the former C.R. Coblentz Elementary School/Jefferson School, the group is working on its first community event of the season, the Car Show for the Park, which will be held on May 2.

NPCPF is working closely with the New Paris Village Council to achieve goals this coming year. The remediation of asbestos from the school is ongoing and the demolition crews will be starting soon. Once the building is down and graded, there will be a 10-acre complex to build upon. The foundation and Village Council have worked closely together to prioritize a list of projects they would like to achieve once the area is cleared and ready. Some of the projects they have decided to get started on include:

•Basketball court overhaul

•Splash pad

•Handicap accessible playground

•Widening, paving, and lighting the walking track

•Soccer fields

There are many other projects proposed for the area, including a community building, a concession stand and restroom facility, as well as other projects for the health and well-being of everyone in the community. With a gift, donors will be able to help NPCPF achieve its goals.

The New Paris Park Fund is a component Fund of the Dayton Foundation. To donate to The New Paris Park Fund, visit New Paris Community Park Foundation on Facebook, click the link, which will direct donors to a secured donation page on The Dayton Foundation website. All gifts will be acknowledged by The Dayton Foundation to the fullest extent allowable by law.

Submitted by New Paris Community Park Foundation