Tips for waste disposal during a pandemic

R-H Staff

PREBLE COUNTY — Preble County Solid Waste Management District recently released the following tips for responsible handling of waste and recycling during a pandemic:

Health and safety come first.

•Bag all trash, thereby reducing exposure to pathogens and odors, and limiting insects.

•Regularly clean and sanitize your inside/outside waste containers and enclosure areas.

•Close dumpster lids to keep odors in and birds and rodents out. If lids are broken or need to be replaced, call your provider ASAP to replace.

•Keep enclosure areas free of clutter and well-lit to avoid trip hazards and ensure the safety of those taking out the trash.

•Wear gloves when taking out the trash and lifting lids to avoid direct contact and to protect from sharp objects.

•Properly dispose of medical sharps. Medical sharps used to administer medication to individuals or pets should be placed in a rigid plastic container, clearly marked “Sharps”, sealed shut and placed in the trash.

•Place recycling in your bin loose. Only place approved items in your recycling container. Items like trash bags, grocery bags, tissues, napkins, and paper cups aren’t accepted. Check Preble County Solid Waste District’s website at to see what items are accepted for recycling.

Regular removal of waste is critical to the health of society. We need to continue to keep our communities safe. Right-size your trash service levels to appropriate levels during this difficult time. Don’t reduce services where dumpsters overflow, causing health hazards.

R-H Staff