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Career Corner - By Harold Niehaus




Probably one of the best things we can do for our next generation is to talk about our careers. As a lifelong educator, I know that students get excited and learn when the teacher is excited about the topic at hand or they have personal experiences that are shared through a story-telling approach.

My personal experience is that today’s generation is hungry to learn. They use YouTube and other apps to research everything from historical events to how to change a part on their car or on an appliance. We are in the information age, and today’s generation of students are very savvy in utilizing the technology in their hands. As with anything good, there can be a downside and we have observed that as well; yet, I want to stay on a positive note.

One thing that I am positive about is that we, as adults, need to let our future workforce understand what we do at work or in our careers on a daily basis. The benefits of this action are many.

First, the next generation need to know and understand that while we may currently own our own company or serve in a role as a supervisor or manager, we did NOT start in that position. It is only through hard work, challenges, experiences, and even a few failures that we are now in our current position in our career.

Second, we need to share with the future workforce that it is important to note that while a formal education is a great way to open doors into the workforce through trained knowledge and skills, but real work experiences are the real “golden” ticket.

Third, we need to let our next generation of worker know that not every day is perfect on the job, but if we have followed our passion and attended to our personal work desires, then going to work is not a “chore,” but rather a rewarding experience. Sharing what provides personal satisfaction about our daily work may include being able to work outside or inside, the opportunity to work independently or with a group of others, the amount of travel needed or allowed, being able to build items or create systems, and so on. Having a career that fulfill your personal work desires is most often more important than total earnings or title.

And finally, we need to share with the next generation that going to work each day we are provided purpose, given an opportunity to develop life-long friendships with other who have similar interests, as well as have financial security for ourselves and our families.

So, as we think about future careers for our sons, daughters, grandchildren, neighbors and friends, please be sure to share and highlight what you know with them. You will be providing invaluable knowledge that the next generation needs to hear.

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Career Corner

By Harold Niehaus