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Career Corner - By Harold Niehaus




Having had the opportunity to meet with hundreds of graduating seniors over the past couple of years, I know that this time of the year always presents a series of challenges for recent spring graduates. Some are moving into dorms at college and away from home and their support system, some are trying to decide how to move from their home and out on their own, and others are now realizing that they need to step from part-time into full-time employment and the many responsibilities that adulthood brings.

I know that for those who realize they are not ready or have not found the “right fit” for their post-high school education or career choice; this is a tough time. I also know that many students who said they were going to attend a post-secondary education opportunity may not be doing so…for many different reasons.

I want everyone to know that this is normal and that I am willing to help those recent grads if they want to connect with me for some career guidance through the information provided at the end of this article. I also want everyone to know that we have a GREAT resource to view and find LOCAL career opportunities and good jobs with solid pay, benefits, and foundational experiences that may very well, lead to a long and rewarding career! As such, I encourage parents and mentors to the recent graduates and the recent graduates themselves to visit www.preblecountycareers.com.

The goal of Preble County Careers is to ensure that everyone in our community is aware of the jobs and careers available. Our local companies are in need of our local talent, who all too often do not realize the great opportunity right here in our own backyard. This awesome tool has been made available by the Preble County Development Partnership, Inc. (PCDP) to all Preble County businesses and those looking to invest their time and talents as members of our workforce. The PCDP was formed to address important growth and development issues while assisting in the creation of jobs and opportunities for everyone in Preble County, now and into the future.

So, recent graduates, parents, and mentors please check out all the interesting opportunities on www.preblecountycareers.com. Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] if you have questions about your “career next steps” and the great resources and businesses we have right here in our backyards.

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Career Corner

By Harold Niehaus