Commission notes

By R-H Staff

EATON — Preble County Commissioners met on Monday, April 11 and Wednesday, April 13.

On Monday, April 11, commissioners:

•Approved a legal ad, bid specifications and bid form regarding standing timber.

•Noted receipt of a letter from Sheriff Mike Simpson regarding the reassignment to detective of Andrew Blevins.

•Noted receipt of letters from County Engineer Kyle Cross regarding the hiring of Timothy Garnett and Wade Whitesell.

•Approved two legal ads regarding zoning cases to be heard on May 4.

•Noted receipt of a letter sent to JoLeen Cook of the Ohio EPA regarding alterations to the Preble County Landfill Permit to Install.

•Approved an agreement with Houston Brothers, Inc., for $41,180 for Building Maintenance.

•Held the second public hearing regarding FY2016 Community Development Block Grant Allocation and Competitive Programs.

On Wednesday, April 13, commissioners:

•Authorized an expenditure for $4,500 for new registry key and transfer of data for Clerk of Courts.

•Noted receipt of the certification of the Preble County Health District renewal levy election results from the Board of Elections.

•Noted receipt of the Job & Family Services CSEA depository account reconciliation for March.

•Noted receipt of a letter from Simpson regarding a change to part-time intermittent employment for Elisa Weber.

•Noted receipt of a letter from Cross regarding the promotion of Robert Venable.

•Awarded a bid for six pre-stressed box beams for Verona Road Bridge Project for the Preble County Engineer.

•Awarded a bid for the 2016 small paving project.

By R-H Staff