H&H Cycle and Powersports reopens doors

Submitted by H&H Cycle and Powersports

Most businesses go through bumps and bruises, and H&H Cycle and Powersports is no exception. After nearly a 12-month pause, H&H Cycle and Powersports (previously H&H Cycle and Performance) is back on-line, bigger and better.

Mike Hawley and his father started the business (Hawley and Hawley) over 20 years ago, building a very significant customer base over those years. Mike started at the age of 16, very interested in mechanical things and never looked back. Mike states, “I purchased a 1967 Chevy with a six-cylinder engine and my cousin Mark Hawley showed me how to build my first V8 engine, oil pan to carburetor. I went on to build many cars and trucks and even drag cars after that. In 1991, I started to work with my father, David Hawley, at his business H&H Urethane in West Alexandria, Ohio. I worked side-by-side with my dad for many years doing urethane molding, lathe work, etc. Soon thereafter, I met Steve Bailey who owned a Harley shop outside of Eaton, and he offered me a part-time job working on motorcycles. In that time, I built my father his first custom motorcycle. I then discussed with my father starting our own motorcycle shop. He surprised me by saying, “Let’s do it!” I am lucky enough to have had a great relationship with him. He was always supportive of me and was one of my best friends. We started H&H Cycle in early 2000, where I built my uncle Phil Hurst his first custom chopper motorcycle. My uncle Phil was a great help to me getting started also. These four men make up the foundation of where I am today.”

H&H Cycle and Powersports re-opened its doors on May 3, 2021. The specialty of the business continues to be American bikes, with over 40 years of experience between the two mechanics, but we do work on all brands including the metric bikes and ATVs. In the east half of the building, the space has been configured for ATV, UTV, dirt bike service, including all the metric brands. The building is going through some cosmetic changes, roof upgrades, etc., not to mention the new show room addition. H&H will still continue to offer powder coating services as well, but the biggest addition is the engine machine shop.

In the past, engine machining services could easily be found in Eaton, but not these days. This is why H&H is ramping up this vertical, and we are fortunate to have the engine machining legend coming to work for us, Bill Moore. Bill ran the engine machine shop at Rodefelds, located in Eaton, for many years, then finishing up his 47-year career at Advanced Auto in Richmond. Bill is overseeing the setup of our machine shop, will be working part time and training some of the other mechanics to keep this art alive in Eaton. We hope to have the H&H engine machine shop up and moving by Oct. 1, 2021. H&H is located at 801 East Decatur Street, Eaton, Ohio 45320. Business phone is 937-472-0123.

Submitted by H&H Cycle and Powersports