Public record: Real estate transfers

EATON — Preble County Recorder Jeannie Creech reported the following recent real estate transfers:

William E. Sweet Jr., William Sweet Jr. and Jane A Sweet to Bill Sweet and Big Hill Realty LLC, New Paris outlot 16, lot 9 Delph, lot 4 Veregge, 4.43 acres Jefferson Township.

JP Morgan Chase Bank National Association and JPMorgan Chase Bank NA to Aaron R. Melling and Dexter E. Melling, 1.001 acres, Jefferson Township.

Connie Lambert, Connie L. Lambert, Connie L. Richards and Donald R. Lambert to Wells Fargo Bank NA Trustee and Carrington Mortgage Loan Trust Series 2006, 10.89 acres Somers Township; 1.11 acres, Gratis Township.

Lawrence S. Studebaker Jr. and Janet Elaine Studebaker to Stacey Mikesell Trustee, Brian Miksell Trustee and The Studebaker Family Preservation Trust, 1.073 acres, Washington Township.

Julia Kaiser and Leslie Kaiser Jr. to Leslie Kaiser Jr., unit 7, Acheson Deer Trail.

Dorothy Mikesell to James A. Bierly and Judith E. Bierly, lot 1705, Eaton.

Elizabeth A. Demotte and Elizabeth De Motte to Ronald M. Hart, 1.326 acres, Harrison Township.

Margaret A. Brubaker to Kevin M. Nelson and Donna F. Nelson, 1.81 acres, Lanier Township.

Somerville National Bank to Steven R. Roell and Shirl K. Roell, lot 1694, Lakengren.

Somerville National Bank to Brad Stockslager, lot 952, Lakengren.

Somerville National Bank to Michael L. Maynard and Tia B. Maynard, lot 92, Lakengren.

Melissa K. St. John to James L. Cox and Debra L. Cox, 2.523 acres, Somers Township.

Robert L. Stidham and Bethany R. Stidham to Jeremy H. Clark and Kayelee Clark, 1.273 acres, plus easement, Harrison Township.

Karen M. Sollenberger and Jerry L. Sollenberger to Robert L. Friend and Dennis A. Friend, 158.778 acres, Harrison Township.

Emily Lou Shank to James E. Shank, Jeffrey Allen Manley and Douglas Manley, lot and part of outlot 4, Eaton and easement.

Donna D. Satterlee and Tracy L. Burtch to Robert C. Knox Trustee, Robert C. Knox Trust, Shirley A. Knox Trustee, Shirley A. Knox Trust and Knox Shirley A. Trust, lot 40, New Paris, lot 38 New Paris plus vacated alley, lot 39 New Paris.

Nancy A. Schilling to Nancy A. Schilling Trustee, Nancy A. Schilling Living Trust and Nancy A. Schilling Living Trust, lot 1575 Eaton.

Cory A. Taylor, Laurie K. Taylor and Laurie Johnston to Cory A. Taylor Trustee, Laurie K. Taylor Trustee, Cory A. Taylor and Laurie K. Taylor Living Trust and Taylor Cory A and Laurie K. Taylor Living Trust, lot 23, Gratis.

Tina Whitaker to Richard Haag, lot 251, Deer Run 1.

Juatana Johnson to Juatana Johnson and Mike Johnson, lot 138, 139 B, Deer Run 1.

Ann L. Cornett Alternate Successor Co Trust, Joseph Gonnella Alternate Successor Co Trust, The Oliver J. Gonnella Trust, The Oliver J. Gonnella Trust, The Betty B. Gonnella Trust and the Betty B. Gonnella Trust, lot 5, Lyndsey.

Dru C. Stawsburg, Jennifer N. Strasburg and Jennifer N. Brennan to Chelsea N. Ray, lot 175, Lewisburg.

Ava C. Danzeisen to Jeremiah Jones, part of lot 22, College Corner.

Howard J. Nelson Jr. to Angelique K. Warman, lot 297, Eaton.

Ryan Nelson, Ryan E. Nelson, Lisa Nelson, Lisa A. Nelson and Lisa A. Doi to Janelle R. Caron, lot 1165 and 1166, Lakengren.

David L. Hatfield and Robin N. Hatfield to Sherrie A. Frieszell, lot 753, Lewisburg.

James D. Brown, Terri Brown and Terrii Byrkett to Gary L. Gebers and Michelle M. Gebers, lot 372, Eldorado.

Kevin J. Melling Sr., Stacy R. Melling and Stacey R. Melling to Darren F. Murray, lot 362, Eaton.

Donald P. Wharton and Nina M. Tan to Alan E. Eley and Kathy H. Eley, 18.48 acres, Harrison Township.

Marlene Ressler to Mark O. Elder and Julie A. Elder, lot 546, Lakengren.

JP Morgan Chase Bank National Association to Ryan J. Schwegman and Savannah L. Schwegman, 0.593 acres, Somers Township.

Kevin L. Elliot to Dennis E. Stiver and Karlynda K. Stiver, lot 9, Urton.

Darren F. Murray to Pensco Trust Company Custodian and Robert E. Wagner IRA, lot 1127, Lakengren 7.

Grace L. Davis to Rickey Huff and Debra Huff, lot 98, West Alexandria.

Sherry Davison and Brent Davison to Dillon K. Davison and Elizabeth A. Davison, lots 1001 and 1002, Lakengren 4.

Donald R. Sizemore and Donald Sizemore Sr. to Jim D. Bailey Trustee, Jim D. and Bonnie J. Bailey Living Trust and Bailey Jim D and Bonnie J Living Trust, lot 40, Stone Ridge 1.

CBS Inc. to Greg Dunaway, lot 30, Deer Run 1.

Ryan L. Webb to Tammy R. Hobbs, 1.462 acres, Lanier Township.

Kenneth W. Adams and Joy Y. Adams to Edward Theodore Clear and Mary Louise Clear, lot 7 and part of lot 6, Messer.

Tambra Hammons, Tambra D. Hammons, John Hammons to The Bank of New York Mellon, The Bank of New York, JPMorgan Chase Bank NA Trustee and Centex Home Equity Loan Trust, 1.015 acres, Jefferson Township.

William A. Woodward, Stephanie Woodward, Deborah Baugh, James L. Baugh, Janice Moreland, Gene L. Moreland and Kathleen Woodward to Dewey Lewis, .459 acres, Somers Township.

Harold E. Lambert and Linda A. Lambert to Davis Babb and Sherry Babb, 7.130 acres, Somers Township.

Troy D. Smith to Duane Smith and Linda Smith, 2.234 acres, Harrison Township.

Linda Miller, Ronald Miller, Chris Pearson and Lanita Pearson to Sherman Comer and Carol Comer, lot 222, Deer Run 1.

Joshua M. Goodwin and Candace C. Goodwin to James C. Smith and Melian M. Daily, lot 813, Lewisburg.

Teresa S. Doty to JPMogran Chase Bank NA, .777 acres, Somers Township.

Ann Napier and Anna M. Napier to Bryan Shultz, lot 2898, Eaton.

James E. Bates to James D. Lucas Trustee, James D. Lucas Living Trust and James D. Lucas Living Trust, 3.034 acres, Gratis Township.

Cindy Bates and Dennis Bates to James D. Lucas Trustee, James D. Lucas Living Trust and Lucas Jame D Living Trust, 3 acres, plus easement, Gratis Township.

Layton L. Yost, Tamara N. Yost, Lynton W. Yost and Robin R. Yost to Yost and Sons Land LLC and Yost & Sons Land LLC, 15 acres, Lanier Township; 80 acres Lanier Township and 92.639 acres Lanier Township.

Gale Edward Harrison and Gale E. Harrison to Barbara E. Harrison, lot 61 Woodsdale.