Public safety: Oxford Police reports

OXFORD — The Oxford Police Division filed the following recent incident reports:

Monday, Sept. 19 – Subject reported his Clinton/Kaine political signs taken from his front lawn, 19 E. Spring Street, on 4 different occasions. There are no suspects at this time.

Monday, Sept. 19 – OPD received a call from OSU hospital about a possible sexual assault that had occurred in Oxford.

Monday, Sept. 19 – Officer met with the victim in the lobby of OPD. At this time the victim reported that on 9-17-2016 an unknown person threw a cell phone through his bedroom window, breaking the window.

Monday, Sept. 19 – Resident reported someone entered her apartment through an unlocked front door and took $75.00 from the kitchen table.

Tuesday, Sept. 20 – Victims report that some time the previous night, someone has stole a power washer from their side yard. They state that someone has stolen their gas can several weeks before. Victim was able to describe the power washer and we are currently looking into suspects.

Tuesday, Sept. 20 – A local bar reported they found a counterfeit $100 bill mixed in with the cash take from the weekend. It was used sometime over the past weekend and was discovered when processing the cash. They filed a report and turned the bill into the Police Dept.

Tuesday, Sept. 20 – A representative of a local fraternity came to the police dept. to report a burglary. He states that the 2015-2016 composite photo was taken from their main room. Other valuables were untouched and no signs of forced entry were noted.

Tuesday, Sept. 20 – A male reported his credit card information was used at a gas station in Virginia on 9-20-16. The card has not left his possession.

Tuesday, Sept. 20 – Two juveniles were arrested for removing/damaging Trump political signs.

Wednesday, Sept. 21 – Officer responded to a local fraternity house for a report of vandalism. An unknown individual threw a rock into a second story window and broke the outer pane of glass. A report was taken.

Wednesday, Sept. 21 – An individual reported that his truck was broken into and the content were gone through in the parking lot of his apartment complex. He reports that nothing was stolen from the vehicle. Searching revealed no signs of forced entry and no clues for suspects. The vehicle was not parked in an area under video surveillance.

Wednesday, Sept. 21 –Wednesday, Sept. 21 – Walgreen’s called to report an individual had been in the store for two hours and was seen putting items in her purse. A search revealed multiple items from the make-up department and a permanent marker that were Walgreen’s merchandise. The search also reveal a pill that she stated she had a prescription for. This is still being investigated.

Wednesday, Sept. 21 – A bicycle was stolen while it was parked outside the Lane Library.

Friday, Sept. 23 – Responded to the area of E. Sycamore St. and N. Campus Ave. for a report of a stolen stop sign. Upon arrival to the area, the officer found that there were two stop signs missing. Unknown suspects.

Friday, Sept. 23 – Responded to 118 W. High St. for a report of a male passed out next to the steps of behind the building. The male was found to be intoxicated and underage. The male was cited and released.

Friday, Sept. 23 – While on a traffic stop the driver, identified as Jeffery Scott Buttery, and one of the passengers, identified as Dustin Hall, were both found to have active warrants out of the City of Hamilton. Both were later transported to Jamie’s Market and released to a Hamilton Police Officer. The vehicle was later towed to the City of Oxford Police Impound lot.

Saturday, Sept. 24 – Victim stated someone stole her cell phone from a table she was sitting at inside the bar.

Saturday, Sept. 24 – The defendant was found to be highly intoxicated and combative with officers. While attempting to place the defendant under arrest he resisted. The defendant is 20 years old and not permitted to consume alcoholic beverages in the State of Ohio.

Saturday, Sept. 24 – An unknown male carved words into the restroom wall at Kona Bistro.

Saturday, Sept. 24 – A male assaulted another male while sitting in the alleyway behind SOHI. The male was arrest for assault.

Saturday, Sept. 24 – A highly intoxicated subject was found vomiting on the sidewalk in front of Brick Street Bar. He was identified and found to be underage and was transported to the hospital for medical attention.

Sunday, Sept. 25 – An unconscious male was found laying on the ground by the corner of S. Poplar and E. Spring. The male was taken to McCullough Hyde for medical treatment. The male was charged with Disorderly Conduct and Underage Consumption.

Sunday, Sept. 25 – A female was located in front of Brick Street Bar by strangers. She was intoxicated and required medical treatment. She was found to be underage and in possession of a fictitious ID. She was cited for several liquor violations.

Sunday, Sept. 25 – A male subject was stopped for a traffic violation and was found to be under the influence of alcohol. He was arrested, and later released.

Sunday, Sept. 25 – Residents stated while they were gone for the night someone entered their unlocked home and took a flat screen television from the first floor living room along with a charcoal grill from the front porch. Resident stated her room-mates that stay on the second and third floor were home at the time, but were unaware of this happening. There are no suspects at this time.

Sunday, Sept. 25 – A male walked to station to report his vehicle was stolen from the alley next to Jimmy Johns, 23 E High Street.

Sunday, Sept. 25 – Responded to Mercy West to collect a Sexual Assault Kit from a possible sexual assault incident that occurred the previous night.

Sunday, Sept. 25 – Victim stated his brother left him a Honda motorcycle to ride at his residence. While there someone took it overnight. There are no suspects at this time.