Public safety: Oxford Police reports

OXFORD — The Oxford Division of Police filed the following recent incident reports:

Monday, Sept. 26 – Officers were dispatched to KDS Express (4985 College Corner Pike) on a report of a theft offense which had occurred earlier this morning.

Monday, Sept. 26 – Officer met with the victim in the lobby of OPD. At this time the victim states that his bicycle was stolen from inside his house on 9-24-16.

Monday, Sept. 26 – Officer responded to the parking lot of 5118 Red Cloud Ct. concerning a report of damage to two bicycles. Upon arrival, the officer was informed that the tires had been cut.

Monday, Sept. 26 – An individual reported that sometime between 9/22 and 9/26, someone took outdoor furniture from his porch, then entered his home through a window and took $95 in cash.

Tuesday, Sept. 27 – The sides and front door of 209 N. Campus Ave. and a vehicle parked in the driveway of 209 N. Campus Ave. were damaged with spray paint.

Tuesday, Sept. 27 – Unknown male subject entered the Wild Berry store, took a purse from the shelf, and then attempted to return the purse to receive cash back. The store clerk refused to issue a return and the male subject left without the purse. The store did not suffer any loss.

Tuesday, Sept. 27 – Victim reported someone cut the rope lock on his bicycle and took the bicycle.

Tuesday, Sept. 27 – Unknown male made a suspicious return of merchandise for cash with no receipt.

Tuesday, Sept. 27 – Victim reported that a company owned backpack blower was stolen off the back of a work truck while the truck was parked on Bern Street.

Wednesday, Sept. 28 – An employee was assaulted outside of a local establishment after an argument and the suspect was arrested.

Wednesday, Sept. 28 – Two bicycles were stolen from the area of Jacqueline Drive. No known suspects at this time.

Wednesday, Sept. 28 – Officers were dispatched to the area of University Park Blvd. and Red Cloud Ct. for an active fight between a male and female. After officer arrival, and after a brief investigation a 21 year old male was taken into custody on charges of Unlawful Restraint.

Thursday, Sept. 29 – Officers investigated a traffic crash involving two parties. Upon investigations, one of the drivers was found to be under the influence of an alcoholic beverage. He was arrested and also possessed three baggies of marijuana in his jacket pockets. He was taken to the station where he refused the breath test. He was cited for his offenses and released OR.

Thursday, Sept. 29 – An underage individual at a local establishment was found to be in possession of both alcohol and a fictitious ID. The individual was arrested and charged with both offenses.

Friday, Sept. 30 – An individual was discovered urinating in the alley beside a local church. The individual was highly intoxicated and under the age of 21. The individual was charged with disorderly conduct and underage consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Friday, Sept. 30 – An unknown individual or group used a landscaping timber to destroy a glass door at a local fraternity house sometime early in the morning.

Friday, Sept. 30 – The victim had a tool bag full of tools stolen from the rear of a work truck while inside the trailer park located at 5201 College Corner Pike.

Friday, Sept. 30 – Driver arrested for OVI and DUS and transported to BCJ.

Friday, Sept. 30 – Officers responded to Wal-Mart for a theft offense of a subject in custody. Complainant then advised that they recognized a known male that was trespassed off the property at the customer service desk. Officer identified the male and observed the written trespass order for the same individual. He was arrested for criminal trespass and given a summons. He was released.

Friday, Sept. 30 – Complainant called police to report that a female brought some house cleaning items as well as pseudophedrine and some diapers. She paid for the drug and cleaning equipment at the pharmacy. She concealed the diapers and walked out past all points of sale without paying for them while she was under surveillance. She was arrested for theft.

Friday, Sept. 30 – A twenty year old male was observed stumbling into traffic while improperly crossing the road at Spring Street and Beech Street. He was stopped and found to be intoxicated. He was issued a citation and released to friends at his residence.

Friday, Sept. 30 – Officer located a highly intoxicated, underage female in the street lawn area in the 100 block of N Campus Avenue. She was taken to the ER for treatment by Oxford Life Squad.