NTFFA covers silage

Submitted by Nathan Henning - NTFFA Reporter

NEW PARIS — The National Trail MVCTC FFA Chapter recently helped cover a silage pile for a farmer and his son.

Jim Leedy owns about 900 head of cattle with his son Scott Leedy. The National Trail MVCTC FFA Chapter placed the tarp in place over top of their silage pile.

The process for the covering is simple: first, pull the tarp over the pile from the roll. Then the tarp is cut from the roll, an unfolded. When the tarp is unfolded and in place the FFA members placed tires around the edge and worked their way to the top to hold the tarp in place and to keep the tarp sealed from moisture and airflow. To cover the pile quickly the group from the chapter split up in sections — while one was putting tires around the bottom the other was putting the tires on the top.

It took the National Trail MVCTC FFA members three hours to complete the covering, while they had fun learning and working together. The work the chapter members completed helped them build character and understand what it takes to run a farm and how its ok to ask for help to complete a job — teamwork will always get more accomplished than doing it by yourself.

Submitted by Nathan Henning

NTFFA Reporter