PSFFA: Preble County Fair in the books

By: Bailey Lamb - PSFFA Reporter

EATON — The 2019 Famous Preble County Fair is known for many things, including Charlie-Paul’s Chuck Fries, the Demolition Derby, and the wide range of livestock being shown. Kids from all over Preble County take hours and hours each spring and summer to prepare their livestock for show.

Through FFA, you have the ability to exhibit livestock and other projects. This year through Preble Shawnee FFA we had a total of 12 livestock exhibitors; Megan Roell exhibited two steer and one lamb, Carter Roell exhibited one feeder calf, Tyler Whitson exhibited two lambs, Bailey Lamb exhibited chickens and one rabbit, Makayla Moore exhibited chickens, one rabbit, and one hog, Devon Dean exhibited one hog, Haylie Rogers exhibited one hog, Elexia Vonderhaar exhibited two goats, Makayla Morris exhibited two goats, Jacob Doty exhibited two goats and chickens, Jared Dunn exhibited chickens, and Kate Manning exhibited chickens and ducks.

Many FFA Exhibitors stepped out of their comfort zone and into some new boundaries. This was Devon Dean’s first year showing a pig, Makayla Moore and Bailey Lamb’s first year showing rabbits, and Jacob Doty’s first year showing chickens.

Megan Roell won first place in Jr. Fair Steer Showmanship in the 17 and older class, as well as 4th in overall showmanship. She also won 3rd place with her market steer, and 5th overall with her market lamb.

Makayla Morris earned the 1st place title for Jr. Fair Goat Showmanship for her age group, as well as 1st overall showmanship. She also was awarded 1st in Jr. Fair Swine Showmanship for her age group.

Kate Manning gained Best of Breed with her duck, also taking her to win the title of Champion Duck. Cole George won Grand Champion with his pen of market broilers shown through his 4-H group.

Many exhibitors that entered projects through FFA also came out on top. Carter Roell won first place with his Decorative Welding project, and his Hay project, Bailey Downard earned first place with her Sample Welding project, Hannah Miller was awarded first place for her AFNR project, and Megan Roell gained a first place title for her Electrical Circuit.

Carter Roell also won first place with his Farm Equipment Restoration/Repair project! He ended with winning the FFA Ag Engineering Sweepstakes Trophy for the most first and second placements on his projects. Congratulations Carter.

Overall, every exhibitor did a great job this year. Many future Preble Shawnee FFA members also participated and did very good as well. Congratulations to all for their hard work and dedication on their projects this year.

By: Bailey Lamb

PSFFA Reporter