Wilson graduates from National Leadership Program

By R-H Staff

SOMERVILLE — Kerrick Wilson, a soybean farmer from Somerville, recently joined 14 other farmers from across the country in completing the two-part “Leadership At Its Best” program, co-sponsored by Syngenta and the American Soybean Association (ASA).

This leadership training provides the skills necessary to be an effective voice for the U.S. soybean farmer. Participants were trained in media relations, public speaking skills, soybean industry policy issues, future trends, effective advocacy and organizational leadership.

The first part of the Leadership At Its Best program was held last August near Syngenta’s offices in Minneapolis, Minnesota. During this part of the program, the farmer-leaders also had the chance to network with fellow participating farmers representing the National Corn Growers Association. Part two of the program was held in conjunction with the recent ASA Board Meeting, March 13-15, in Washington, D.C. During this session, the training had a greater emphasis on preparing the farmer-leaders for meetings with legislators.

ASA President Richard Wilkins, a farmer from Greenwood, Del., had the opportunity to meet the participants of this year’s Leadership At Its Best class and observe part of their training.

“It is wonderful to be part of this program and witness the dedication these leaders have to improving the soybean industry,” said Wilkins. “Since they are willing to invest their valuable time in Leadership At Its Best, I am certain they will become even stronger leaders and spokespersons for their local communities and U.S. soybean farmers.”

Wilson and the other members of the 2016 Leadership At Its Best class received a special certificate to acknowledge their graduation from the program on March 15. After the program, all participants joined other farmer-leaders on visits with Members of Congress to discuss key policy issues affecting soybean farmers and the agriculture industry.

ASA is proud of the farmer-leaders who graduated from the Leadership At Its Best program and looks forward to seeing how these individuals use the skills they acquired to lead the soybean industry in the future. For more information about Leadership At Its Best, visit the ASA website at www.soygrowers.com.


By R-H Staff