Writer: ‘We all need to wake up’


America is at the brink! We all need to wake up!

All U.S., Ohio, and Preble County citizens need to wake up and realize this nation’s democracy and Constitution are in the greatest peril since America was founded in 1776. America has been through many tough times, numerous wars, social and economic problems, but never in our lifetime have we seen the corruption inside our Federal Government, not because Trump was elected, but because the deep state bureaucracy has seized much more power than that envisioned by America’s founders. All true Patriotic and Christian citizens need to wake up now and take a stand against it or we will lose the Republic!

It should be clear that we are in a culture war with those who promote and support a one world order, no national sovereignty and open borders, and those protecting their bureaucratic jobs versus the values and foundation on which America was established by our Founding Fathers.

Here is a personal example of how the swamp and deep state extend beyond Washington D.C. and has spread its’ tentacles across the nation and to Ohio.

A few years ago, back in 2007, my father, a U.S. Army WWII veteran, who received the Purple Heart and Bronze Star, sold his condo to a young U.S. Army Iraq War veteran couple who were suffering severe PTSD. My father and the young couple became the innocent victims of mortgage, lending and servicing fraud.

I filed a complaint with the Ohio Attorney General’s Office and when they could have stepped in and prevented the young couple and their baby from losing their home did nothing in spite of my effort to stop foreclosure. If fraud had not happened during the mortgage and servicing phase of this network’s financial scheme foreclosure would never have taken place. It would later be discovered that fraud was also perpetrated on the victims during foreclosure and on the Ohio Court. (I will tell you more about the Ohio AG’s negligence in another to the editor.)

That was bad enough, but when I filed a lawsuit along with an attorney to handle our case, the Federal Courts in Cincinnati and Judges appointed by Clinton and Obama, after our case was removed from the Ohio Court, totally exposed the existence of the swamp and deep state in Ohio by failing to give our attorney a due process hearing to discuss the case. He was shocked when it did not occur prior to any court decisions.

The Obama-appointed Judge dismissed our case with prejudice in violation of the 5th and 7th Amendments of the U.S. Constitution. I found out later that the chief judge and judge who did this had previously been partners with the same law firm. One of the defendants in our case was a client of the firm they had been partners and exposed those Judges obvious bias. Veterans who served this nation were denied due process and justice in this nation’s federal courts!

It is sad America stands at the brink of self- destruction with too many Judges being political activists and acting as they wish, even if the law and Constitution cries out against it, and elected and appointed officials pandering to their crony network and special interests rather than helping citizens and veterans who gave everything to protect freedom and liberty.

If we citizens do not stand up and cry out against this kind of conduct America cannot survive as a free nation much longer. We have survived in the past when outside forces tried to destroy us; however, when our own federal court system and officials fail to stand up as they should, it is only a matter of time what Lincoln and Jesus both stated “a house divided against itself cannot stand” will occur! Trump becoming president is exposing what has been at work under Clinton, continued during Bush, and got worse under Obama! America did not get to the brink as we are today overnight! It is time for us all to pray for divine intervention.

Gary Hiles