Sorrell thanks others for their support


I am writing to say that I am overwhelmed and humbled by the kind words and awards that have been presented to me over the past couple of months. While I am the one who is receiving the recognition, there are many who deserve the same. Nothing gets accomplished by one person acting alone. I am very blessed to work in this county surrounded by supportive peers, staff, and family.

The Preble County Board of County Commissioners’ office allows me the freedom to be active in a variety of community boards and programs. That gives me the opportunity to learn what the other agencies do and develop relationships with the other social service agencies. Those agency directors and staff that I have the honor of working closely with are passionate about serving clients and are open minded and flexible in finding ways to collaborate and serve the vulnerable citizens in our county.

Shelley Ratliff, Director of the Preble County Council on Aging; Amy Raynes, Director of the Mental Health and Recovery Board; Janelle Caron, Director of Community Action Partnership; Courtney Griffith, Director of the YWCA Preble County Domestic Violence Shelter; Jerri-Lynn Stanley, Director of Recovery and Wellness; Jenny McCarty, Director of the Common Good; Alexa Joyce, Director of the United Way – Preble County; Toni Morgan, Director of Habitat for Humanity; have all made collaborating and serving others very easy.

All the agencies pick up the pieces that they can cover and work together with trust and confidence. The community is also well served by citizens who volunteer their time and services to help others, Jane Marshall, Carla Barnett, the area food banks and churches, the Wayne Trace District Boy Scout Troops and the Scout Masters who volunteer their time to teach youth leadership and service, and the many others who give their time and efforts to help others. The staff of the Preble County Job and Family Services are the very best. There is no other group of people that I would want to work with. They tolerate my stories and prodding to remember what the mission of this agency is and to remain committed to helping people obtain the necessary resources and services to fulfill their basic needs. They are all super-heroes.

There are not enough words I can say about how much I appreciate each and every one of them. The work they do is mixed with the complexities of laws, policy and procedure as well as the raw emotions of people who are in crisis. They are patient, empathetic, kind and resilient. They strive to provide good service to those who are served by this agency and they excel at accurate and timely service. I love their eye rolling as I come up with ideas or projects, because I know they are going to support me, no matter how crazy they think I am.

My family, friends, and church family who have listened to me vent about the how the systems work, who have sat beside me when tragedies have happened to a child or a family that have left me shaken to the core, who have altered plans or have joined in on projects, they are more important to me than they would ever be able to realize. Their love and support keep’s me fueled and sustained.

I truly appreciate the recognition, it is such a nice thing to hear, however I know that all of these amazing people and more should be receiving accolades for the work they do to serve people in this county and beyond. Thank you for caring, Preble County, and for making this a great place to work, live and play.

Becky Sorrell


Preble County Job & Family Services