In response to “Finding Our Veterans”

Submitted by Janice Blevins

I am writing in response to the article “Finding Our Veterans,” which appeared in this paper on Wednesday, Dec. 9, 2020 by the Commodore Preble Chapter of the DAR.

This article pertains to Robert S. Craigo/Craig who was a private in the Pennsylvania Continental Army in 1781 during the American Revolution. It also states he came to Preble County before 1820 and died in 1834, possibly being buried at the Orchard Hill Cemetery in Camden in an unmarked grave.

A list of burials at the cemetery done by a researcher in 2006 shows a Robert Craig(s) died May 7, 1834. He was a soldier with no grave marker. A marriage license was issued to Robert Craigo and Elizabeth Hood on September 20, 1821. (Per records at the Genealogical and Historical Records of Preble County, Ohio on the Preble County Library website).

My reason for this letter is to try to clarify a question as to where Robert is buried. My husband, Steve, and I, and Harvey and Janet Weherley were the volunteers doing the restoration of the cemetery in 2006. At that time we cleared and removed brush and restored and reset tombstones. There was no relocation of any remains in 2006. We, also, did not find a marker or any indication that Robert was buried there.

When Fairmount Cemetery was opened in 1873 many of those interred in Orchard Hill were re-interred there. Somers Township trustees have a list of names of those re-interred in Fairmount Cemetery and Robert’s name is not on that list.

This letter does not help determine where Robert’s final resting place is, but it does explain to the reader no remains were relocated in the 2006 restoration projection.

Janice Blevins

Submitted by Janice Blevins