HIT supports continuing eviction moratorium

Submitted by Clayton Genth - Executive Director, HIT Foundation

On Monday, Jan. 11, HIT Foundation staff Laura Coffey, Jennifer Weathington, Emily Rohwer and Clayton Genth, along with HIT Foundation board members Mary Bullen, Kathy Smallwood and Jeff Allen attended a national call with Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown. This call was hosted by the National Low Income Housing Coalition, a Washington D.C. based affordable housing advocacy organization.

The primary reason for the call was to advocate for the continuance of the existing eviction moratorium which is set to expire Jan. 31 if action is not taken and to advocate for Emergency Rental Assistance programs. Though the CDC-issued eviction moratorium was extended through the end of January by the recent coronavirus relief package, on Feb. 1, tens of millions of low-income renters across the country will be at risk of losing their homes and, with them, their ability to keep themselves and their families safe and healthy.

Unfortunately, some of these families live right here in Preble County. The consequences of mass evictions can be devastating – for children, families and our community. If you would like to support this effort, please visit https://rb.gy/0p4bif to electronically sign support letters to members of congress and/or the incoming Presidential Administration.

Here in Preble County, Ohio the HIT Foundation continues to see and assist families who are struggling to pay rent. This challenge exists for a number of reasons and are all too often out of the control of the family. Frequently this is directly related to a reduction in employment hours, job loss or displacement due to COVID-19 related reasons. The good news is there are resources that can help!

If you or someone you know is facing a housing crisis you can call Home is the Foundation at 937-472-0500. Additionally, renters and homeowners facing eviction or foreclosure may contact Miami Valley Community Action Partnership – Preble County at 937-456-2800 for emergency rental or foreclosure assistance.

Clayton Genth, Executive Director

Home is the Foundation

Submitted by Clayton Genth

Executive Director, HIT Foundation