Praise for Eaton BMV office


I am writing in support of a local intuition, whose national counterparts are the butt of endless jokes (and probably deservedly so in some cases). I’m speaking of our license bureau in here in Eaton. In over thirty-four years, I can’t recall ever having had a negative experience while doing business there. The employees who work there have always been friendly, helpful, and efficient.

A colleague of mine left work one morning several months ago to renew his registration at another county’s BMV. When he returned he was not very pleased. He had waited in line for forty-five minutes, with only three or four people in front of him. A few weeks later, it was time for me to renew my tags. With his story fresh in my mind, I looked at my watch when I got out of the truck at our license bureau. When entering the main door, I counted fourteen people in front of me. The line stretched out into the hall. I got back in to my vehicle eleven minutes later!

While not a big fan of government, I do realize that it performs necessary functions. But it’s easy to become broadly cynical when sometimes encountering indifference or perceived incompetence at agencies we have no choice but to deal with. And I’m sure that people in government get just as cynical at us citizens who often just expect that we are going to be treated poorly and start in with bad attitudes. Manners are a two-way street and bad ones can be a difficult cycle to break.

So I want to commend the smiling employees at our wonderful Preble County branch of the Ohio BMV for “getting it” and getting it right. Thanks for your part in making our little corner of the world a more pleasant place!

Phil Durham