Writer supporting PCBDD ballot issue


I am writing in support of the levy for Preble County Developmental Disabilities. My Autistic son Andrew has received services from Preble DD the past 12 years since his graduation from high school in 2005.

Initially, we were struggling to find suitable employment for our son. Once we contacted Preble DD, the support staff immediately identified a position in a local enclave that was a great match for both Andrew and the employer. Preble DD also provided transportation during his time in the enclave. He held that job for 5 years until the enclave was discontinued. Our Preble DD support staff member was then very instrumental in helping Andrew to find new employment. He currently is working in a position that he loves, with kind people who understand and accommodate his disability.

Preble DD and our support staff member have also been a great source of information and guidance in matters concerning available benefits and services including health insurance, social activities and future housing needs.

We are so grateful for all the assistance Andrew has received. Meaningful employment has made an incredible difference in his life. It is also a great comfort to know that they are knowledgeable and caring folks who will look after Andrew’s best interest when my husband and I are no longer able. Preble DD provides such a wonderful support system for a very vulnerable population in Preble County.

Lucinda Coveney