PS voters: ‘Consider what this vote truly means’


With the impending election coming up, my mind has been wondering what does the election mean to everyone.

For me this vote on a new school means so much more than just two new buildings. To me it means an opportunity to build our community, an opportunity for my kids to make new friends, an opportunity to attract more teachers to our school district, an opportunity to challenge our kids with better resources, and an opportunity for our community to come together for our children.

When I think about what a school means to a teacher I think about how it provides them with the tools that they need to educate our children. Yes I say our children because as a community we are growing the next generation of people who are going to live and work and grow their families in the community as well. So in order to do that we need good educators.

Now I am not a teacher so I cannot answer this for someone who is but I feel like if I was a teacher I would want to know that there is security in the community that I’m going to work in. I would want to know that if there are the resources I need and want to use for my students and if they would be accessible so that I could teach these kids the lessons that I want to teach them, I would want to know that the school and the community is on board for challenging our kids to grow and learn and be able to do that in the ways that each kid individually needs it.

Now I know that regardless if you get a new building or not these things can still be possible but I also think that if you have a teacher that’s looking at a few different schools to possibly go to they would probably want to go to the school that offered more resources for what it was that they were teaching to the kids in their class and I can’t blame them for that.

So for me I will vote yes! I will vote yes for my children. I will vote yes for my community. I will vote yes for the possibility of even more great educators to help me grow and shape my children into the adults that will hopefully give back to their community that has given so much to me and them.

So will you be voting for the possibility to give more to our children and to our community?

I do hope that you’ll consider what this vote truly means.

Jaime Geise