Writer: ‘thank you West Alexandria’


I would like to thank the West Alexandria Village Council and Mayor Lunsford for finally passing the resolution for the aquisition of the land, enabling a $1.5 million, totally forgiven state loan for a new water treatmant plant, which the village stood to lose by the approaching deadline.

The owner of the land was asking a lot, but over the life of the “deal,” what he was asking was a drop in the bucket in comparison.

I am relieved it passed before we lost the $1.5 million (free and clear) in state money! If we didn’t get the land for the water treatment plant by the deadline, the village would have been fined a quarter million dollars in addition to losing this free state money.

It was a “lose-lose” situation for the village, if council didn’t pass the resolution.

Mary Lunsford

West Alexandria