‘Important to sort out the facts’


Responsible Ohio has flooded the airwaves, but they are anything but responsible. Propaganda is being used to dupe Ohioans to line their already wealthy pockets. It is important to sort out the facts.

Fact 1 – This amends the Ohio Constitution. The legislative process is a better way to deal with this issue. In it there is plenty of time to hear experts on both sides. The fact that the legislature has not passed a law in regard to legalizing marijuana, lends itself to the argument that the cons outweighs the pros.

Fact 2 – The use of the terms “for medical and recreational purposes” clouds the real meaning. Most professional medical groups have come out against. Obviously they two see more harm than good. When we think of recreation, we usually think of sports and active participation. It is hard to see houw something that impairs body movement and memory, alters one’s sense of time and mood, and causes difficulty with thinking and problem solving can be recreational (drugabuse.com.)

Fact 3 – Most law enforcement groups are also against. Heroin is an epidemic proportions. While all marijuana users do not end up doing heroin, almost all heroin users used marijuana at an earlier stage. Even if marijuana proves not to be as harmful as tobacco or drug abuse, it would be one more thing to make our communities less safe.

If I had the money that these wealthy investors have, I could go on and on about why this is bad for Ohio. Vote no on 3 and yes on 2.

Edward Bell