Eaton High School auditorium seats available


As the EHS auditorium prepares to welcome the Star Theatre, reconstruction is beginning. As the redesign occurs to welcome live theatre, music, film, and classes, several of the existing seats will be removed and available for sale to the community.

There are 117 seats available that have community names on them, both individuals and companies. There are several seats without names that are also available.

The seats are being offered at $25 per seat, and are being removed from the back of the auditorium floor, as well as the very back upper section of the balcony. The purchaser will be responsible for picking up the seats, and arrangements will be made when you contact us.

If you are interested in a blank seat, or if you think we may be removing a seat with your personal or company name on it, please contact Lisa Marling at . The rest of the seats will remain, with names intact, in the auditorium, at this time.

Lisa Marling

Executive Director of the Star Theatre